Four Books Every Marketer Should Read in 2019

by Gaby Gramont

Best Marketing Books for 2019

If you want to remain at the top of your game as a marketer, staying current and enhancing your skills is a must. By taking time to learn from some of the greatest minds in the field, you can develop new techniques that allow you to excel professionally and stay on top of the trends, allowing you to land new customers and advance your career.

Here are four great books that every marketer should read as soon as possible.

Talk Triggers – Jay Baer

Talk Triggers: The Complete Guide to Creating Customers with Word of Mouth provides clear guidance on how to leverage your company’s differentiators as the basis for crafting customer conversations. It offers both structure and actionable advice to ensure that you can create an effective plan, allowing you to grasp not just the value of word-of-mouth marketing but also how to actually make it work.

You’ll learn valuable skills that can help you identify the fundamental element in your business that gets people talking, enabling you to spur growth by embracing the power of the customer’s voice.

The Four – Scott Galloway

In The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google, Scott Galloway explores how these tech giants captured so much market share and successfully made their way into the lives of the masses. When you read the book, you’ll gain insights into their strategies and approaches, including how they used the emotional needs of the many to achieve greater success. Plus, you’ll learn how to integrate these techniques into your own marketing efforts, allowing you to benefit from their tried-and-true approaches.

Permission Marketing – Seth Godin

Permission Marketing: Turning Strangers into Friends and Friends into Customers explores how marketers can craft messages that consumers will accept willingly. It explains why traditional marketing approaches, such as television commercials and telemarketing, are becoming less effective as people shirk these intrusive approaches and showcases how a new paradigm, permission marketing, is a better approach.

Largely, Seth Godin highlights how focusing on potential customers who’ve openly expressed an interest and incentivizing them to accept marketing voluntarily creates avenues for long-term relationships that lead to greater levels of success. Along with his perspective, you’ll also get tips to help you get started with permission marketing.

Crushing It – Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk provides new insights in Crushing It!: How Great Entrepreneurs Build Their Business and Influence – And How You Can, Too. Along with their stories of success, you’ll learn from these accomplished business founders, giving you new tools to spur growth in your company.

The book is as inspiring as it is practical, ensuring that you have a solid grasp on how to leverage social media more effectively.

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