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TorchLight Candidate Spotlight: Q&A with Jeri


TorchLight Candidate Jeri

TorchLight is proud to help Washington, D.C.-based companies find and hire the best and brightest marketing and communications talent for permanent positions as well as short-term assignments. Our clients increasingly turn to contractors to help fill temporary staffing gaps, cover medical leaves or staff up to complete important initiatives where specialized skills are needed.

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Are you trying to fill D.C. PR jobs? TorchLight can shorten the time spent recruiting

As one of D.C.’s top search and staff firms, TorchLight relieves the burden on hiring managers to find qualified PR job seekers

Recruiting candidates to fill open D.C. PR jobs takes time and patience. The perfect candidate—well-spoken, experienced and able to hit the ground running in your industry—likely will not be found in the first resume you review or even the tenth professional you interview. It’s a competitive industry but rest assure, the right match is out there, you just need to know where to look.

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You, Unfiltered

Assessment tools are increasingly part of the interview process—Learn why TorchLight and other companies use these tools, what you can expect, and why they lead to better “job matches”

Hiring a new employee is expensive and time consuming, even under the best of circumstances. And, if a new hire isn’t the right fit after all, repeating the search process adds more time and expense.

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Why Haven’t They Called?

When you’ve aced the interview but haven’t received a response, patience and persistence are key

It’s happened to even the most seasoned of D.C.’s marketing and communications job seekers.

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Don’t Be Rip (and Other Tips for Returning to the Workforce)

TorchLight’s D.C. marketing recruiters explain how to turn your leave of absence into a selling point

Whether you’ve been caring for small children or an aging parent, relocating frequently with a military spouse or just plain old had “life intervene,” it’s common to have gaps in your employment history.

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Asking the Tough Questions (Part 2 – Salary)

TorchLight’s experienced team of marketing & communications recruiters explain why job seekers should look inward when considering questions about salary

As discussed in our last blog post on Asking the Tough Questions, “What is your current salary?” is one of the hardest to answer and often one that makes candidates most uncomfortable. One reason is that as a job seeker, it may appear that a hiring manager wants to use this information against you in negotiations. Another reason may be that revealing your salary makes you feel like you will be ruling yourself out of a job by being too high or too low.

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Asking the Tough Questions

TorchLight’s experienced marketing and communications recruiters shed light on why we ask the “tough questions” during interviews (Hint: It’s for your own good)

“A prudent question is one half of wisdom,” Sir Francis Bacon once said.

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The Nonverbal Interview: What You Don’t Say is Often More Important than What You Do

More TorchLight tips on interviewing for marketing and communications jobs in D.C.

Our team of experienced marketing recruiters have written before with practical advice for D.C. marketing and communications job seekers about how to prepare for an interview, such as doing your research, getting your resume ready, showing up on time, and so on. But beyond an impressive resume and perfect preparation, what can really set you apart from the next candidate are those oft overlooked nonverbal behaviors that leave a lasting impression – for better or worse.

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The Art of the Phone Screen

Mastering the first-stage interview for a DC marketing and communications job

You’re looking into marketing and communications jobs in Washington, D.C. You’ve done your research, you’ve perfected your resume and you’ve received a call for a phone interview – congratulations! But now what?

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Smart DC Marketing Professionals Know It Pays to Keep Learning

TorchLight Hire’s “Pulse of the Industry” Survey of DC marketing pros shows that professional development is key

Whether you’re a currently employed DC marketing professional or a candidate seeking a DC marketing and communications job, there is one universal truth: In the age of smartphones, laptops, tablets and more, it is easy to find ourselves inundated with things to do, emails to remember, phone calls to make and the list goes on.

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