Three Ways to Improve Your Company Blog to Maximize Conversions

by Gaby Gramont

Improving Your Blog | TorchLight Hire

When used effectively, content marketing can draw potential customers in, establishing your business as a subject-matter expert and enticing them to view your other offerings.

But, as with any other marketing tactics, company blogs have to provide readers with value. Otherwise, you aren’t going to convert them to paying customers.

If your content isn’t producing the results you are hoping to see, here are three ways to improve your company blog to maximize conversions.

Focus on Quality

Creating quality content doesn’t happen by accident. It requires thoroughly researching the topic, providing details that readers will find valuable, and adjusting the blogs so that they are aesthetically pleasing.

Why does it require so much effort, often justifying the filling of full- or part-time marketing jobs dedicated to handling the tasks? Because, otherwise, people won’t actually read the blog. In fact, one estimate suggests that 55 percent of readers who clicked on a blog only stayed actively on the page for 15 seconds.

Subpar content isn’t going to engage potential customers, and blatant attempts to sell your products or services won’t draw them in. Instead, you need to pick topics that provide the reader with value, such as high-quality information on a topic related to your industry.

Additionally, you need to make sure that the blogs are formatted in such a way as to make them easy to read, especially on mobile devices. This can include eliminating big blocks of text, which can be hard to track on smaller screens, and adding images to break up the content.

Choose a Target

When it comes to a company blog, it may be tempting to use a broad focus as a method for reaching a larger audience. However, it does mean that the entirety of your content can feel a bit haphazard, and that isn’t ideal when your goal is to convert readers into paying customers.

Blogs that don’t have a target often don’t entice readers to dive into other content after viewing the first one, as the other topics aren’t as likely to be of interest to that specific potential customer.

Instead, you need to define your target market and create content that speaks specifically to them. That way, all of your blog pieces work in conjunction with one another, making it easier to draw the reader in and encourage them to keep exploring.

Don’t Always Concentrate on Sales

A blog may seem like a great sales platform. After all, you can curate the content to extoll the virtues of your product or services. However, if all of your content reduces down to a blatant advertising attempt, you aren’t going to engage with readers in a meaningful way.

While a brief call-to-action or subtle pitch is fine, they shouldn’t be the focus of every blog you create. Instead, use content that provides the reader with discernable value first, peppering in your marketing efforts carefully so as not to overtake the purpose of the post.

When your goal is to maximize conversions, your company blog needs to be customer-centric, and that means focusing on their needs as well as your own.

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