Think you know Search Engine Marketing? Test your skills with our quiz and find out!

by Julie Rutherford

search engine marketing result on Google on a phone

From SEO to paid search and more, this challenging Search Engine Marketing Quiz will test your knowledge–and maybe even teach you something. Good luck and enjoy! Afterward, improve your SEM skills with an online class through Coursera or LinkedIn Learning.


Congratulations! Your digital marketing skills are up to date.

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#1. What is the ideal keyword density for SEO?

#2. On Google Analytics which of these is the highest view:

#3. Google is responsible for ___ of all smartphone search traffic and ___ total organic traffic.

#4. Which social platform drives more referrals ?

#5. Content shared on _____ has the longest "link life span"

#6. What types of content are most likely to earn backlinks?

#7. Which is the correct order for the funnel?

#8. How is cost-per-click (CPC) calculated?

#9. What bounce rate should you be striving for?

#10. Which of these UTM parameters IS required:

#11. Which of the following allows you to see ROI on paid keywords?

#12. If you wanted to use UTM tracking to track the specific link or ad that produced traffic you would use:


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