Hire smart. You don’t just need people, you need the right people.

Finding and recruiting the right marketing and communications professionals is hard work and remarkably time-consuming. In today’s business climate, with companies doing more with less, most hiring managers and HR staff already have their hands full with a long list of must-dos. So even with the best of intentions, their ability to find a superstar is greatly impeded by an obvious lack of time.

Perhaps you’ve thought about hiring shortcuts you can take to save yourself time and effort. Don’t. It will only end up costing you — and your company.

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So, how do you hire smart? You turn it over to the search professionals at TorchLight.

At TorchLight, we know the recruitment and hiring process — and the Washington, D.C., metro job market — inside-out and backwards. More importantly, we know the marketing and communications industry from all directions, too. Over years of analysis, study and practice, we’ve developed a proprietary process that filters out the less qualified candidates, finds the people with the right skills who will push your organization forward, and gets them in the door — even when they don’t know they’re looking for a new job. Our methods get you the right people quickly and efficiently.

Given our 97% success rate with placements, it’s safe to say: we must be doing something right.

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