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Marketing recruitment agency

As the Washington, D.C. area’s top marketing recruitment agency, TorchLight Hire has the connections, experience and service-centered mission to offer both employers and job candidates an exceptional hiring experience with a goal of peak performance for both.

We’d love to help you find your next star employee–or your next big career move.

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Depth & breadth of marketing and communications

From the top down in our own organization, we have significant professional experience in the marketing and communications sector, allowing us to apply our seasoned insights to clients’ needs and candidates’ qualifications to fill positions for our clients.

As D.C.’s top marketing recruitment agency, we handle staffing needs across the entire marketing and communications spectrum—traditional to digital to creative. From permanent positions to contract, across industries, throughout the DMV.

Whether you’re a hiring manager or job candidate, we’ve been in your shoes. We truly “get” what a good manager-employee fit is and that’s what we deliver for you.

Specialization in the D.C. market

Our deep knowledge of the D.C. metro area job market gives us a unique advantage to offer our clients and candidates. It allows us to be experts in understanding the nuances of the professional cultures within this specific ecosystem.

It also gives us an advantage in finding and mapping the best talent to a great organizational fit.

Personable service—end to end

We’re absolutely committed to working side-by-side with both clients and candidates from the beginning of the process to a satisfactory conclusion. For us, career placement is as personal as it is professional, and facilitating a great fit of hard and soft skills to particular company cultures is our area of excellence.

WE deliver for our clients

Marketing recruitment agency meets hiring managers' staffing needs
Position types and specialties to fit your staffing needs

Clients appreciate flexibility, and we deliver. From contractors to consultants to full-time permanent positions, we find the talent our clients are looking for. And we specialize exclusively in marketing and communications talent—everything from creative to digital to traditional marketing and PR roles to BD, fundraising, and development positions.

Proprietary process for quality and efficiency

Through ongoing recruitment and sourcing, we continually develop and maintain our proprietary candidate database. This is how we can more efficiently pinpoint the best matches and save you precious hours of research time. Plus we do the majority of the recruiting and hiring legwork for you.

Fast-tracking your path to great results

Expeditious searches and quality personnel outcomes lead to business productivity with the least amount of stress. That’s what you want. That’s what drives our service philosophy.

What’s more, our large roster of long-standing clients lend proof to our service effectiveness.


Of all of the search firms I have worked with over the past 20 years, TorchLight has, by far, been the most responsive and effective in meeting my staffing needs.

Suzanne T., Director of Marketing Operations

Top Jobs for Top Talent

Covering the entire marketing and communications spectrum

We offer a comprehensive range of marketing and communications jobs—from advertising and PR to creative positions, digital marketing, social media, and even fundraising, development, and business development.

Employment options that fit your needs

Whether you’re looking for contract, contract-to-hire, or a permanent position, we can provide you with a host of opportunities

A range of industries and organization types

We place pros like you with a variety of employers–large and small, private, public, non-profit, government and others. Our clients represent many different industries from technology and healthcare to association, agency and many more.


Marketing recruitment agency TorchLight meets job seekers' needs

Without TorchLight, I would have missed out on incredible opportunities that have resulted in expanding my career, my network, and my professional growth. I highly recommend TorchLight for any job search or career transition opportunities – you won’t regret it.

Kathy N., Digital Marketing Manager