We are one of the D.C. area’s leading marketing and communications recruiting and staffing firms. This is our story.

Do what you love.

We do what we love: Helping Washington, D.C. marketing and communications professionals find careers they love.

For years, friends and colleagues turned to Heidi Parsont for career support, guidance and networking assistance. Not only was she good at it: she parlayed it into a highly successful 15+-year-long career in marketing, recruiting and sales.  So, after much research, number crunching and thoughtful consideration, Heidi decided to open her own shop and devote herself full time to doing what she loves most. And TorchLight Hire was born.

Today TorchLight is one of the Washington, D.C. region’s leading marketing and communications recruiters, matching some of the area’s most exciting companies with full-time, part-time and contract (freelance) marketing and communications professionals.

What’s in a name?

The story behind “TorchLight” begins and ends on the shores of Taylor Lake …

Since 1930, Colgate University has performed the Torchlight Ceremony. First-year students, bearing torches, are led up Colgate’s hill on orientation weekend by faculty and the members of the senior honor society. Four years later, on the night before commencement, graduating seniors proceed down Colgate’s hill to the shore of Taylor Lake to toss their torches into a bonfire and celebrate their last night together as a graduating class.

The four years Heidi spent at Colgate University hold some of her most cherished memories — in fact, she remains actively involved with the school. So, in tribute to her Alma Mater, Heidi decided to name her business after the ceremony that illuminated an important milestone of her life.