What makes TorchLight one of the Washington, D.C. region’s leading marketing and communications recruiting firms? Our people.

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Heidi Parsont headshot in white shirt

Heidi Parsont

CEO and Founder

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Beth Wallace headshot in teal shirt

Beth Wallace

Founder and President

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headshot of Kathryn Bailey in white shirt

Kathryn Bailey


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Headshot of Jen Davis in white blouse

Jen Davis

Senior Digital Marketing Director

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Headshot of Shana Fitch in white top

Shana Fitch

Senior Digital Marketing Director

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Headshot of Diana Gardner in white top

Diana Gardner

Account Director

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Gabrielle Gramont headshot in grey shirt

Gabrielle Gramont

Marketing Manager

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Caitlin Grogan headshot in white blouse

Caitlin Grogan

Campaign Manager

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Danielle Harvey headshot in grey shirt

Danielle Harvey

Talent Acquisition Specialist

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Yeabsera Jirata headshot in blue shirt

Yeabsera Jirata

Business Development Specialist

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Julie Lowe headshot in white blouse

Julie Lowe

Chief Culture Officer

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Jack McLaughlin headshot in grey quarter zip

Jack McLaughlin

Digital Campaign Manager

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Susan Mullin headshot in white shirt

Susan Mullin

Vice President, Operations

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Stephanie Ranno headshot in beige sweater

Stephanie Ranno

Senior Vice President, Growth

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Julie Rutherford headshot in white blouse

Julie Rutherford

Senior Marketing Director

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Kim Trucano headshot in white shirt

Kim Trucano

Senior Manager, HR & Benefits

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Amy Tsuchitani headshot in white shirt

Amy Tsuchitani

Senior Account Director

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