Are you a skilled marketing pro looking for a new opportunity with flexibility?

by Heidi Parsont

Consider marketing contract work! TorchLight can connect you with leading companies in the D.C. metro area filling short-term or project-based marketing jobs.

If you’re looking for flexibility and a rewarding environment with great pay and benefits, consider becoming a marketing contractor! TorchLight recruiters are working with prominent companies in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Northern Virginia looking for your expertise.

TorchLight helps our clients find and hire marketing and communications professionals in full-time, part-time and freelance positions. There has been a growing interest in employing contractors to provide specific experience, fill a short-term vacancy or assist with a specific project. If you’re willing to jump into a new work environment and are eager to have the flexibility that comes with project-based work, there’s no better time to try working as a contractor.

Sometimes the greatest challenge as a marketing contractor is finding opportunities—keeping your pipeline full and the paychecks coming in. By relying on TorchLight to match you with companies looking for your expertise, you can concentrate on the job, not FINDING the job. We’ll take care of the rest.

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D.C. Hiring managers–Have you considered hiring a marketing contractor?

If you’re searching for a highly-skilled marketer to help out your team without adding to headcount, it’s a great time to look at hiring a marketing contractor. Some of the region’s biggest names have relied on us to fill their most important roles. Here is what one happy client had to say–

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