A Case for Contract Roles: DC Marketing & Communications Contract Workers Fill a Growing Need in the Job Market

by Gaby Gramont

TorchLight candidates find the benefits of joining the contract revolution go far beyond flexibility.

As a leading search and staffing firm in Washington, D.C., TorchLight helps outstanding job seekers find long-lasting and meaningful work with some of the area’s top organizations.  Our niche is marketing and communications, but beyond that, many variables factor into the process of making the right match between candidate and client.  One such factor is whether or not marketing and communications contract work is right for you.

At TorchLight, about 50% of our DC marketing and communications jobs are contract or contract-to-hire roles.  And on average, we have far more candidates seeking full-time roles, making those open to contract work a strong commodity for positions that require flexibility.

When placing marketing and communications contractors, TorchLight seeks these qualities, all strong indicators of an effective consultant:

  • Strong functional skills (often to complement the work of existing marketing/sales staff),
  • Ability to perform autonomously,
  • Strong desire to deliver high quality work,
  • Adaptability,
  • Quick-to-learn mentality

So beyond flexibility, what are the benefits of becoming a marketing and communications contractor?  Here’s what some of our current consultants have to say:

“Working on contract with different companies has given me the opportunity to broaden my experience in surprising ways. For instance, after working for years in small, B2B organizations, contracting in a large, B2C advertising-focused marketing group opened my eyes to an entirely different world, vernacular and set of priorities.” Kerry, Marketing & Advertising Contractor for a Hospitality Organization

“During a time of professional transition, I found contract work to be an ideal solution for me. I was able to work in an environment that provided a lot of opportunity, for an organization that greatly needed my broad range of skills.  The variety of work I was given helped me to hone my skills and kept my interest high.” —Julie, Supported Content Development/Copywriting efforts for a Nonprofit 

“When I recently moved back to the Washington, D.C. region, I was looking for a position that allowed for some flexibility in my schedule but also started quickly.  Torchlight provided me with a couple different opportunities that met my needs in terms of timing and flexibility to give my career a jump in a new market.” —Megan, PR & Communications Contractor for a large global Consulting Firm

“I’ve always had a difficult time staying in one place for too long.   As a consultant, I have frequent opportunities to change roles, take on new responsibilities, work with new clients, and even shift industries. I feel that I am constantly challenging myself and learning new skills – and it’s pretty much impossible to get bored.” —Tara, Marketing Project Management Contractor for a Membership Association

If you’re looking for truly experienced and responsive marketing recruiters who you can 100% trust to meet your staffing or career needs, TorchLight is here to help! Contact us today to learn how we can help you attract and retain creative thinkers, or visit our job board and upload your resume to find open positions.

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