Interview tips

How to prepare, ace and follow up on job interviews

So you carefully updated your resume and LinkedIn profile, applied for the position–and you got called in to interview. What do you need to do to put your best foot forward? Our experts have put together important interview tips to help you be your best.

> Overview: Interview best practices

From pre-interview research to post-interview follow-up, read our team’s advice for giving yourself a leg up on the competition and best chance for a job offer.

> Preparing for interviewer questions

You’ve completed your company research and have studied the job description. Now it’s time to prepare for questions from the interviewer(s). While some questions may be obvious– like how you fit the requirements of the job–others may not be as easy to answer on the fly.

> Preparing your questions

The hiring manager will obviously have all of their questions ready before the interview and you need to do the same. It’s pretty much a guarantee that the person interviewing you will ask you if you have questions. Here’s how to prepare a list of important questions to impress your interviewer and help you get information you need.

> How to optimize your video interview tech setup

Video interviews as more common than ever (due in large part to COVID). Learn how improve your video setup to bring your best self to the (virtual) table and shine online.

> During the interview–non-verbal communication

In addition to preparing for verbal communication, visual communication like body language can impact your interviewer’s perception of your professionalism, expertise and more. Here’s how to make sure your body language adds to your interview effectiveness.

> After the interview

It’s been a several days (or weeks) since your interview, which you thought went well. Why haven’t they called back yet? Don’t panic right away–many factors can elongate the process and they don’t necessarily mean you are out of the running. Here’s how to deal with waiting for the interview callback.