Is Your Washington Office Needing to Hire a Digital Marketing Expert?

by Gaby Gramont

TorchLight, one of the DC region’s leading marketing, communications and PR recruiters, can help your organization find an amazing digital marketing talent for your team–whether a permanent full-time hire or a short-term, project-based marketing contractor. Call us today!

There’s not a company around that wouldn’t benefit from a digital marketing strategy expert on their team, especially here in the Nation’s Capitol, where competition for customers is tighter than ever. Let our experienced marketing recruiters help you find an asset for your company. Here’s what sets us apart from the competition:

  1. We have an extensive network. We don’t just use all the traditional methods of finding top talent. We have a deep network of people we know personally, and we tap into their networks, too. As a result, we can go far and wide to find the RIGHT person with the RIGHT skills for your company.
  2. We are active recruiters. Some recruiters are passive in their approach–they float job postings on generic web sites and social media pages and hope that someone responds. By contrast, TorchLight’s recruiters are active. We’re continually meeting people, talking to people, growing our network. That way, when a client like you is in need of talent, we already know where to go and whom to talk to.
  3. We understand the nuances of marketing, because we all are marketers ourselves. TorchLight’s team of recruiters all come from marketing, communications, PR and business development/sales backgrounds. We’ve hired marketing talent and we’ve been the marketing talent. We’ve been in your shoes, and we know this sector inside and out.

So let us go to work for you and help you find great digital marketing talent to bring your marketing strategy to the next level. And if you’re not ready to hire a full-time professional, then consider a short-term, project-based marketing contractor. There are so many advantages! Find out more here.


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