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What are the best marketing recruiting firms in DC?

Get hiring help from one of Washington’s top marketing recruiting firms

TorchLight is one of the best marketing recruiting firms in DC and we specialize in hiring and placing highly skilled marketing, communications and PR professionals in the area’s leading businesses. And, because this is all we do, we’ve become experts.

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3 Reasons to Use TorchLight for Your Company’s DC Marketing Recruiting

Looking for DC marketing recruiting help? Call TorchLight!

The job market is hot in DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland right now and your business is working hard on marketing recruiting in the DC metro area.

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Digital Marketing Associates are in High Demand in DC. Are You Ready for a New Opportunity?

TorchLight, a top marketing and creative services search and staffing firm, connects clients and candidates to fill job openings in Baltimore, Silver Spring, Bethesda and beyond

Companies are creating digital marketing teams to try to keep up with—or get ahead of—their competition. That makes digital marketing associates in especially high demand. If you have digital marketing expertise, businesses in and around Washington, D.C. are looking for you. But, where can you find these amazing digital marketing jobs? Let TorchLight help!

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Have an Opening for a Digital Marketing Director? TorchLight Can Help Fill Your In-Demand Positions

Leading companies throughout Washington, D.C. call on our recruiters when hiring for highly-competitive marketing and communications jobs

Digital marketing experts are highly sought after as companies are focusing more and more on promoting their products and services on the Internet. Finding a professional to lead your digital marketing strategies and team can be especially challenging. Let TorchLight help!

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Graphic Designers Are in High Demand in DC. Do You Know Where to Find Your Next Hire?

TorchLight can introduce you to graphic artists with the creative skills to fill your job openings

Hiring managers at leading companies throughout D.C., Maryland and Northern Virginia turn to TorchLight to help hire graphic artists to fill a void on their marketing and communications team. Because we only present candidates that will best meet their needs, clients offer rave reviews about our search process.

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Hiring Managers: Looking for a Highly Skilled Marketing Manager in DC?

TorchLight can make the recruiting process easier—and more efficient—by connecting you to candidates with the expertise to fill your open position

Finding a highly qualified marketing manager to fill an open role takes time and patience. Sifting through a pile of resumes is likely one of a long list of things on your to-do list. So, why not leave the search process to the experts?

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Need to hire a Market Researcher for Your DC Company?

TorchLight is the Washington region’s #1 recruiting company specializing in finding, recruiting and hiring the most experienced market researchers in DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia.

Whether you’re adding a new position to your growing marketing team, filling a full-time role or simply need some specialized expertise on a short-term, temporary basis to see you through an important project or initiative, TorchLight Hire of Alexandria, Virginia, can help you find the right talent you need.

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When it comes to your marketing career, it pays to make friends of all ages

Discover the valuable skills Millennials and Boomers can learn from each other

There has been a lot of buzz in recent years about the different work styles of Millennials and Baby Boomers. But, whatever generation you come from, and no matter where you are in your marketing career, if you put aside your differences for a moment, you’ll realize there is a great deal to be learned from one another.

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Could an integrated marketing expert in D.C. positively impact your business?

Call in a consultant to help guide your marketing strategies and build your brand

At TorchLight, a marketing and communications search and staffing firm, we understand the challenges and demands our clients face, including the need to deliver a consistent brand message. If your DC-area company could benefit from an integrated marketing consultant, TorchLight can help.

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Do you need to fill a PR job in D.C. but don’t know where to start?

TorchLight, one of the area’s best marketing and communications search and staff firms, connects clients with PR job seekers in Washington, D.C.

Filling PR jobs in D.C. takes an experienced recruiter. Before hiring a candidate, you must consider not only does he or she have the skills and qualifications to meet your PR needs but also whether this is the right person to tell your organization’s story to the rest of the world. At TorchLight, we have connections to some of the area’s top PR talent. By relying on our extensive network, we can help our clients hire the PR professionals that stand out above the rest.

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