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Are you trying to fill D.C. PR jobs? TorchLight can shorten the time spent recruiting

As one of D.C.’s top search and staff firms, TorchLight relieves the burden on hiring managers to find qualified PR job seekers

Recruiting candidates to fill open D.C. PR jobs takes time and patience. The perfect candidate—well-spoken, experienced and able to hit the ground running in your industry—likely will not be found in the first resume you review or even the tenth professional you interview. It’s a competitive industry but rest assure, the right match is out there, you just need to know where to look.

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Let TorchLight help fill your open D.C. PR job

Recruit the top PR job seekers in the D.C. metro area with TorchLight, one of the area’s leading marketing and communications search and staff firms

You don’t want to hire just anyone to fill your open D.C. PR job. The right candidate will need the knowledge, skills and qualifications to best represent your organization, whether the individual’s role is communicating with employees, with executives or with the media. Finding the best PR professional for the job takes an experienced recruiter. Let TorchLight help.

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