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Are you a Northern Virginia company struggling to hire marketing experts?

TorchLight recruiters know Northern Virginia, Maryland and DC’s best marketing consultants for your immediate, short-term needs

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Find a Northern Virginia marketing consultant

Looking for marketing, communications or PR consultants? TorchLight is DC’s top recruiting firm and we can help

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Leading employers across the country are handing over parts of their business to contractors. Could your D.C. business benefit from hiring talented, temporary marketing pros?

We’re one of the best search and staffing firms in Washington, D.C. and our experienced recruiters have connections to highly-qualified candidates looking for short-term, contract marketing, communications and PR jobs.

According to a recent article published by The Wall Street Journal, the number of major employers bringing in contractors to get the job done is on the rise. Companies, including Amazon, Google, Pfizer Inc., Procter & Gamble Co. and FedEx Corp., are hiring contractors instead of permanent employees to cut costs and to be more flexible with changes in demand.

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Full-time, Contract and Temp Marketing Jobs in DC, Baltimore, PG County, Silver Spring, Bethesda and More!

Now Hiring! Full-time, part-time and short-term marketing, communications, public relations or digital jobs in Maryland

Let us introduce ourselves: We’re TorchLight, one of the fastest-growing and nationally recognized marketing recruiting agencies based in Alexandria, Virginia. Businesses in Washington, Maryland and Northern Virginia enlist us to help them find and hire top talent in various marketing and communications positions.

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Could your company benefit from the expertise of a Washington D.C.-based communications consultant?

When D.C.’s leading businesses need experienced communications or marketing professionals to fill a short-term need or lend special expertise to a project, they rely on TorchLight to find the perfect consultant

As a leading search and staffing firm in the D.C. metro area, TorchLight is able to connect clients with highly qualified communications consultants to assist with short-term or project-based work. By hiring a consultant, your team will benefit from the professional’s expertise and unique skill set. And, as a hiring manager, you’ll able to bring in an extra set of hands to achieve your business goals without the expense of adding a full-time, permanent position.

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Could you use help orchestrating your company’s internal and external communications? Rely on the expertise of a corporate communications professional in D.C.

As a trusted marketing and communications recruiting and staffing firm, TorchLight helps connect clients with Washington’s top talent

Consumers are overloaded with countless messages each day, so to make an impression a company must communicate its mission and values in a consistent, compelling manner. To accomplish this, most of Washington, D.C.’s leading businesses rely on the expertise of corporate communications professionals. At TorchLight, we connect our clients to the region’s best communications professionals who have the know-how to promote the company behind the brand.

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To Fill an Open Marketing Job in D.C., reach for the Right Tools

marketing jobs in Washington DC

Through a deep talent pool, TorchLight helps companies find qualified contractors for D.C. marketing jobs.

Maintaining and growing a high-functioning business operation in the competitive northern Virginia region requires a well-stocked toolkit. Just as a craftsman wields more than a hammer and a wrench, so too must businesses and recruiting teams consider the different options available to them when looking to fill a marketing job in the Washington D.C. area.

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The Search for Washington D.C. Communications Consultants Has Never Been Simpler

With experience and expertise, Torchlight streamlines the process of locating and recruiting the best marketing and communications contractors

Much as a ship set out to sea must find the tools needed to plug holes in its hull, so must any business find the best resources available to fill vacancies or shore up projects. Don’t let a gap cause your team to sink. Let TorchLight help you recruit D.C.’s best communication consultants for the task.

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Searching for Communications Consultants in D.C.? Go to the trusted source.

When time is of the essence, Torchlight finds the most talented Washington D.C. marketing and communications consultants.

A Scout’s motto should be any company’s first rule of business: Be prepared. When faced with an unexpected position vacancy or major initiative within your communications and marketing team, the next best thing to “having it done yesterday” is having a plan to address it today. It was true when you packed for that camping trip in the woods, and it resonates today as you do business in the woods of Washington D.C.

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Find a highly skilled D.C. communications consultant today

TorchLight, a recruiting and staffing firm, helps the area’s leading companies connect with the top communications consultants in D.C.

Your communications team may be experts at what they do, but there are times when you need outside expertise or an extra hand. Highly skilled and knowledgeable communications consultants are often willing to step in at a moments notice to help companies through times of crisis or chaos. Let TorchLight connect you to the most talented D.C. communications consultants in the Washington metro area.

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