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Connecting with Your Next D.C. PR Job Begins with a Simple Step


During a period of transition, TorchLight can help you connect with elite companies looking to fill public relations jobs in D.C.

As fall ends and the winter season rapidly approaches, our environment is filled with signs of transition and renewal. As orange and brown turn to green and red, we are prompted to reflect on our own transitions and the decisions that drive them.

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Are you trying to fill D.C. PR jobs? TorchLight can shorten the time spent recruiting

As one of D.C.’s top search and staff firms, TorchLight relieves the burden on hiring managers to find qualified PR job seekers

Recruiting candidates to fill open D.C. PR jobs takes time and patience. The perfect candidate—well-spoken, experienced and able to hit the ground running in your industry—likely will not be found in the first resume you review or even the tenth professional you interview. It’s a competitive industry but rest assure, the right match is out there, you just need to know where to look.

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Do you have an open PR job in Washington, D.C.? Rely on TorchLight recruiters to help fill the position

TorchLight, one of the top marketing and communications search and staff firms in the area, connects hiring managers to professionals seeking PR jobs in D.C.

As a hiring manager, you may be tasked with filling a PR job for your D.C. company. Finding quality candidates can be a challenge, especially as the job market picks up. At TorchLight, our experienced recruiters not only have connections to the area’s top talent, but we also know how to find the right PR professional to represent your organization.

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