Contract Placements

We’ll help you find top talent to hit the ground running for an immediate or short-term need.

Finding top talent fast can be quite a challenge — especially when you’re under time pressure to fill an unexpected vacancy or for a specific project or period of time. That’s where TorchLight comes in.

TorchLight maintains a broad and active bench of mid- and senior-level marketing, communications and product professionals across all industries, many of whom are ready, eager and willing to step into a contractor role at a moment’s notice. Our professionals are fully-vetted, available and have the expertise to hit the ground running. Add one of our professional consultants when you want to immediately fill a short-term need, such as:

  • Covering leaves of absence, including maternity, paternity or medical leaves.
  • Cost-effectively expanding resources during a hiring freeze, peak workload, or specifically to implement a new project.
  • Boosting your team’s capabilities with specialized talent.
  • Justifying a new position by “trying before buying.”
“TorchLight’s deep connections in the marketing world make them invaluable to an organization looking for the best marketing talent. They get to know their clients and do more than just match the skill set — they also match the culture. I have found their strategic guidance to be consistent and excellent.” — Ann C., Vice President, Business Development


The contract-to-hire option allows you to see one of our professionals in action: evaluate their capabilities, see if their work style meshes with yours, and determine if they’re a good fit with your team before you commit. A contract-to-hire situation can benefit you by:

  • Immediately filling a key position with top talent — and keeping them away from your competitors.
  • Avoiding expenses associated with full-time hires, such as health insurance and payroll taxes.
  • Allowing the person to become familiar with your culture, needs and processes, making for an easy transition if and when you decide to make an offer of permanent employment.
  • Addressing special projects while auditioning candidates for long-term roles.
  • Discovering how the addition of a director, manager, etc. will impact workflow and productivity.

Contact TorchLight’s experienced recruiters today to help you fill that next marketing and communications role at your company!

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