Demystifying the Recruitment Procees: Fast facts to help you put your energy in the right places

by Susan Mullin

Let’s face it. Recruitment resources are prolific and the process can sometimes feel like a maze to navigate.

That’s why the sooner you understand what makes each type of recruitment resource unique, the easier the path becomes. Think what they can and can’t do for you. You can use them to your advantage AND draw a straighter line between you and your next job.

We want to help you get and stay in the driver’s seat in your search. That’s what this Q&A is all about.

The recruiting industry knows TorchLight as a Search & Staffing Firm.

Demystifying the recruitment process

What exactly do you do?

Sometimes called an “external recruiter,” search and staffing firms specialize in finding high-quality candidates to fit particular roles. They then present them for consideration to their clients—often through their internal HR departments.

Why do companies (aka ‘clients’) use TorchLight during the recruitment process?

Many reasons: They’ve reached an impasse in their own search for the “perfect candidate.” They don’t have the time or resources to do the search themselves. They need an immediate resource like a “temp,” and don’t have time to find one. That or they want to keep it confidential. And finally—our favorite—they trust specialists to lend a more experienced perspective on who will be the best hire. Specialization like this makes TorchLight different —and better—than the average search & staffing firm.

What kinds of positions do you help companies fill?

We specialize in all areas of marketing and communications, including traditional marketing communications, digital marketing, creative resourcing, PR, and more. From a functional standpoint, we fill positions for all types of work, including contract, contract-to-hire, and permanent positions. Our main focus is on candidates who typically have at least 5+ years of experience .

How can you help me with my own job search?

You can start by browsing our open positions, and apply for the one that best fits your qualifications. If you don’t see a job that fits, you can create an account on our site and upload your resume. Either way, this automatically puts you into our proprietary candidate database; when one of our client organizations outsources a given search to us, we mine it for candidates who might be the best fits, and reach out to those individuals. You don’t have to submit multiple resumes for multiple jobs because they all go to the same place!

Once you have applied for a position or uploaded your resume, we would be your first point of contact for a specific open job or jobs. We would start by talking with you to assess fit and interest—and based on our agreement—we would then submit your resume along with our other top-candidate profiles. After that, the hiring manager at our client organization would select finalists for phone or in-person interviews or other next steps. All resumes are submitted in strict confidence, and we will not share your name or information about you with anyone outside of TorchLight without your permission.

Who’s the “hiring manager,” and how are they different from a company’s internal HR staff—and Torchlight?

Simpler than it sounds! The hiring manager is the person within our client organization who will actually manage the new hire they’re seeking. In effect, that makes them a primary client to both the HR staff and us. They’re the ones who specify the qualifications and skill set for the open job, they play a key part in the interviews, and typically make the final hiring decision.

In comparison to hiring managers, internal HR recruiters are responsible for securing the best talent for the job at hand—just as we do. They help develop job descriptions, salary ranges, and ensure legal compliance in the hiring process. They often partner with specialists like TorchLight to either supplement their efforts or to perform the entire search on their behalf.

What kind of help will you give me during this process?

Once you’re selected to participate in interviews for a role we represent, we can guide you on how to best present yourself on paper and in person for that role. (However, please note that we’re not career or resume coaches—our focus is matching great candidates with great companies!) Also, once candidates are hired, we provide on-boarding and post-hire support. We’re committed to helping both you and your new organization get off to a great start.

Where can I find your open positions?

Easy. Go to our website——to browse our open positions. You can also find them on our LinkedIn page under “Jobs”— just follow this link.

If I see a job that interests me, what should I do?

You’ve got convenient options for submitting your resume: Apply for the position through LinkedIn or our website or send us an email at with your resume. All of these options come right to us, and we review every resume. If we believe your background is a fit for a current or future role, we will reach out to you to set up a phone screen as a second step. Again, you only need to apply once for consideration.

Should I follow up with you after submitting my resume?

No need! Our recruiters will contact you if they feel you’re a fit for a position. If we don’t think your qualifications are appropriate for the particular job, then we keep your information on file and contact you about relevant future positions that match your skills. Note that we do not guarantee placement, and we encourage you to cast a wide net in your search: Doing so improves your chances of finding and obtaining the best job for you.

What if I think I’m a great fit for a job and I don’t hear from you?

As you’re probably aware, success in any position requires a combination of knowledge-based skills and experience, plus soft skills, management experience, and industry expertise. These important criteria are often dictated by our clients and not always written into job descriptions, and as part of our screening process, we are tasked with taking a holistic view of candidates’ appropriateness for a position. We only present candidates whom we believe could succeed in a given company or role based on the extra information we have learned—this is a core part of our value to our client companies.

Do you charge me for your services?

No. As a candidate, you do not pay us. Instead, our client organizations pay us when one of our candidates is successfully placed in a position within their organization.

If I work with you, can I use other search and coaching resources, too?

Of course! You’re always free to work with other agencies during the recruitment process, since TorchLight (like other Staffing/Search firms) does not guarantee placement. And keep in mind, it is always ultimately the responsibility of the client organization to select the candidate they feel is the best fit.

What DON’T you do for me?

As mentioned previously, we don’t provide career coaching or resume-creation support. And we cannot guarantee placement. We’re here to bring world-class candidates together with great organizations. What’s more, our superior screening process fosters a great fit that helps ensure long-term success and satisfaction for both parties.

We hope these fast facts have cleared your mind a bit and made things easier for you. Stay tuned for TorchLight’s future installments on demystifying the recruitment process.

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