LGBTQ+ Equity and Inclusion

Over 8 million workers in the U.S. identify as LGBT. That said, according to a survey by UCLA’s School of Law, one in teen LGBTQ+ workers have experienced discrimination at work in the past year. As an ally and active supporter of the community, TorchLight is dedicated to using our platform to highlight diverse voices, organizations, and policies in the name of inclusive change.

> Supporting your LGBTQ+ employees with Patrick R. Nelson

To help create a more inclusive workplace culture, it’s important to educate yourself on how to be an effective ally to your LGBTQ+ employees and colleagues. Learn how to take concrete steps to make sure everyone on your team is empowered to contribute to company success.

> LGBTQ+ inclusion recommendations from David Brown

TorchLight sits down with David Brown, Director of Partner Marketing at ZeroFox, to learn more about his recommendations on effective ways organizations can truly embed DEI in their workplace cultures, particularly as it relates to their LGBTQ+ employees.

> LGBTQ+ inclusion recommendations from Mark Lowe

Mark Lowe, Vice President of Engineering and Operations at Spire Energy and parent of a transgender son, shares his best recommendations for organizations to create inclusive DEI policies, specifically for their LGBTQ+ employees.

> LGBTQ+ inclusion in the workplace with Michael Dumlao

TorchLight interviews author and activist Michael Dumlao on the impact of COVID on the LGBTQ+ community and the state of diversity inclusion in the workplace.

> TorchLight Pride Series 2022

To celebrate 2022 Pride, we used our platforms to spotlight young activists, local LGBTQ-owned businesses, and LGBTQ-focused organizations!
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