Marketing Skills

Marketing yourself as the best fit for a job description requires a well laid out resume and an impressive “skills” section. Let’s talk about which skills are getting a lot of attention, which ones can land you your next job and what you shuold be focusing on improving to catch a potential employer’s eye.

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> Resources to enhance your skills

Three easy ways to polish your marketing skills and be a more attractive candidate. Take advantage of these resources and build up your resume. Read more

> Soft skills that matter

Although important, your academic record isn’t everything. When looking for an entry-level job out of college here are some valuable factors that employers keep in the front of their minds. Read more

> Are college degrees worth it?

A constant debate can be found online regarding the actual value of a higher education. What are today’s trends, and is it worth the cost? Read more

> Additional marketing skills help

Today’s digital world requires an increase in media literacy and an understanding of social media. Here are some easy steps you can take to consolidating your knowledge and skill in the area. Read more

> Digital skills that are in high demand

What are the skills that you should be strengthening? Are their specific courses that you can use to target them? Here are the trends in marketing and communications. Read more