Digital Marketing Pros are in Demand in DC

by Susan Mullin

TorchLight highlights three skills you need to stand out in digital marketing

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As one of DC’s top marketing and communications search firms, TorchLight keeps up on the pulse of the industry. We want to make sure we deliver the right candidates with the right skills. Here are the three digital marketing skills you need to land a new job.

Firstly, the trend is clear: digital is in demand.

Digital marketing expertise is no longer the exclusive domain of a company’s web team. It’s a fundamental skill that every marketing and communications professional needs. Increasingly, we receive requests from clients seeking talented candidates well-versed in a range of digital marketing practices. They want skills ranging from data analytics and research to content optimization, email marketing, PPC, and SEM. Also, keep in mind that a 2017 study found that a company’s marketing team outspends its IT team on technology. How can you get ready? The numerous platforms and tools can be overwhelming. To get you started, here are three key areas of digital marketing every marketing and communications professional should master:

Secondly, data analytics is key

In the digital age, all great marketing starts with good data. Platforms like Google Analytics, Marketo, Eloqua, and the like all provide good data. This data helps marketers identify audiences, target their message, and measure the ROI of campaigns. Google Analytics‘ offers an array of free training resources on the topic.

Thirdly, post on social media

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the most used social media sites to connect with customers and the community. While many people have personal social media accounts, the clients we work with seek candidates who understand running professional ones. Someone who knows how to customize and differentiate content for each of these platforms. Also, someone with experience building and sustaining cross-platform campaigns, measuring outcomes through analytics and developing strategy. A great book on the rise of social media marketing is David Scott’s The New Rules of Marketing and PR.

Lastly, remember e-mail (direct) marketing

While social media seems to get all the attention in recent years, e-mail marketing remains. It is a common and highly effective way for organizations to connect with their target audiences. Our clients seek professionals experienced in identifying and segmenting audiences and creating customized and compelling content. Not only that, but they are looking for candidates experienced in testing messages and formulating strategies for increasing conversion rates. Constant Contact, one of the most common e-mail marketing software programs, offers free training and tutorials on this subject.

A basic understanding of these three disciplines will improve your chances of success. The good news is that digital is creating unprecedented opportunities for marketing and communications professionals to make a measurable impact. Are you ready?

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