Innovations in Market Research: AI, ethnography and online tools

We recently had a fascinating conversation with Joy Levin, a market research expert and consultant with over 30 years of experience in the field. Joy offered valuable insights about how artificial intelligence (AI) and other recent innovations are revolutionizing market research, along with important developments in key areas like ethnography in online tools. Read on […]

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Contractor of the Month: Liz Lalumera

Congratulations to our December contractor of the month Liz Lalumera! Get to know Liz – how she got into marketing, her dream travel destination and her best career advice. Where did you grow up and where did you go to college? What did you study? I grew up in Northeast Philadelphia. I started my college […]

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TorchLight October Contractor of the Month: Rachel Arnold

Congratulations to our Contractor of the Month Rachel Arnold! Read on to learn more about Rachel – where she grew up, the best advice she’s ever received from a manager and her exciting bucket list destination. Where did you grow up and where did you go to college? What did you study?   I grew […]

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How to Manage Your Gen Z Employee

We offer actionable advice on managing your Gen Z employees to help you support them effectively and bridge the generational gap.

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Debunking Gen Z stereotypes

We debunk some common stereotypes associated with Gen Z in order to help managers understand their Gen Z employees on a deeper level and adapt their management styles to fit them better.

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Breaking the Raise Drought: How to Secure Your Well-Deserved Salary Increase

As your responsibilities have grown over the years, so has your frustration with a stagnant salary. It’s time to break free, advocate for yourself, and turn those promises into tangible career rewards.

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The Importance of Industry Knowledge in Marketing Recruiting

To excel in today’s marketing landscape, staying current with industry trends and emerging technologies is not just an advantage for marketing – it’s an imperative for effective marketing recruitment.

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Five Crucial Questions for CMOs – from TorchLight Marketing President Beth Wallace

Discover the future of CMO roles with President Beth Wallace, as she shares 5 pivotal questions to succeed in the marketing landscape.

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How to Write an Effective Creative Brief

Struggling to write an effective creative brief? Our Senior Marketing Director gives you the basics you need to succeed.

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TorchLight Marketing President Beth Wallace on how to tackle the CMO role in today’s evolving marketing landscape

Recently, CEO and founder of TorchLight Hire, Heidi Parsont, and President of TorchLight Marketing, Beth Wallace, hosted a webinar entitled  “The Changing Role of CMOs: the future of marketing leadership, teams and strategy.” In this video clip and transcript below, Beth gives her advice on how she would tackle the CMO role today.  

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