4 Tips to Understand the Role of the Recruiter

by Susan Mullin

TorchLight helps job seekers better understand the role of the recruiter

As one of DC’s leading marketing recruiters, TorchLight celebrates when we make successful matches between our clients and our network. In fact, it’s the sole reason we’re in business. With tens of thousands of job-seekers in our database and in our network, we frequently receive questions about how we work, and for whom.

1. Our client is the hiring company – That’s who pays us for our work.

A company contacts us to help them fill a specific role within their organization, and that’s what initiates every “search.” We represent the employer. A lot of care and thought goes into scouring our network and delivering exactly the right candidate for the organization. We gauge matches based on the culture of the company and the specific requirements of the role. As a contingency search firm, we are only paid upon placement. Thus, the responsibility is on us to deliver the right candidate as efficiently as we can. After years of recruiting within the industry, we listen to our clients and typically understand what they want.

2. Even though our client is the hiring company, we build strong relationships with candidates to ensure a good match.

We believe the best matches are made when both parties—the hiring company AND the candidate—place trust in each other and can see a successful future together. Even though our client is the hiring organization, we stay in close contact and counsel job candidates. TorchLight helps from the time of the first interview through negotiating an offer because we have a vested interest in making this success. Our 97% track record on placements demonstrates our skill.

3. We are unable to represent individual job seekers in their quest to find a job.

While a few recruiters represent individual job seekers by opening doors, they typically charge a fee. That is not our business model. In fact, most recruiters are like us: Hired by and representing an organization to help fill a specific role.

As much as we want to help each person with their individual requests, we regret that we can’t. If we made introductions for free, we wouldn’t have a business. In addition, if every job seeker on our bench (2,000+ people) asked us to review just one resume or make just one introduction to someone in our network…well, you can see why that is cost- and time-prohibitive, taking us away from our core business.

4. Whether you’re actively looking for a marketing and communications job or just thinking about it, submit your resume to our database.

Our proprietary database is one of the first places we turn when we are identifying potential candidates for a specific search initiated by a client company. If you haven’t done so, upload your resume now.

We will contact you when we are recruiting for a position that matches your specific skills and qualifications. You may not hear from us immediately, but be assured that you’re on our list!

Here’s a great article from US News that summarizes some of these same points.

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