Meet the Team: Kim Trucano

by Susan Mullin

Meet TorchLight’s HR Manager, Kim Trucano! Get to know more about Kim — her first few jobs, where she’s from, and what she loves most about working remotely.

Where are you from? 

I grew up just outside of Rochester, New York, where the people are kind, the landscape is beautiful, and the winters are very long. 

What did you study and how did you get into the recruiting space? 

Despite my preference for warm weather, I ended up at Colgate University in frigid central New York, where I majored in French Literature and East Asian Studies. It was during my senior year that I befriended our CEO Heidi Parsont.  Many years later, while I was at home with my small children, Heidi gave me the opportunity to do some bookkeeping for her newly started company.  Now that those children are almost grown, I’m thrilled to be back at TorchLight as the Human Resources Manager.

What are some of your previous jobs? 

For a number of years, I worked in graduate admissions – first at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and later as Admissions Director for American University’s School of International Service. From there, I headed up the admissions department at a company that sponsored youth leadership programs. It was at that company that I charted a new direction in human resources. I later enjoyed working as the Benefits Manager for Atlantic Media Company until my son arrived and I became a full-time mother.

What’s your dream travel destination and why? 

I dream of returning to the green countryside of Ireland in the summertime when the sun is out until all hours.

What’s your favorite thing to do during your free time?

While I’m not working or tending to my high-maintenance French bulldogs, I like to read, bake and spend time with family and friends.

What’s the best part of working remotely? 

I love being able to get a head start in the morning. Having my dogs close by all day is icing on the cake!

Finally, what do you like most about your job at TorchLight? 

I’m so grateful to be a part of the TorchLight team. I love working with people who are so kind and fun — and take such pride in their work. 

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