Meet the Team: Danielle Brady

by Susan Mullin

We’re happy to introduce our newest team member Danielle Brady! A Talent Acquisition Specialist, Danielle is passionate about people and has a knack for building strong relationships with candidates. Read on to learn more about Danielle.

Where are you from?   

A small town called Sweetwater, TN. It is located a little over 2 hours east of Nashville, Tennessee.

What did you study and how did you get into the recruiting space? 

I initially studied Public Health – Healthcare Administration at East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, TN. During my time at ETSU, I was heavily involved in several on-campus clubs and organizations, a couple of them being where my first “recruitment” experiences came from. I recruited for organizations all four years at ETSU, and these experiences heightened my passion for working with people, building relationships, and the entire recruiting space as a whole!  

My bachelor’s degree was very broad in terms of what I could do after graduation, and after landing my first job, I realized it was not something I was completely passionate about. I decided to pursue a master’s degree in talent development–a unique focus where I was able to bring my previous administration degree and combine it with my recruiting passion. 

Headshot of Danielle Brady
TorchLight Talent Acquisition Specialist: Danielle Brady

What are some of your previous jobs?  

I worked for about two years as an HR talent acquisition specialist for a non-profit organization. In this role, I did full cycle recruiting, including onboarding and training/development. Prior to that, I worked in an administrative setting for a hospital. I also have a couple unique job experiences: 1) I worked at a petting zoo and 2) I was a tumbling and gymnastics coach. 

Favorite recruiting story?   

One of my more recent ones: I received a card from someone I had recruited and hired almost a year after their start date. On the card was a note that read “Thank you for interviewing me.” That note and their current tenure with the company were awesome reassurance that I did my job right. 

What’s your dream travel destination and why? 

Aside from Iceland where I am getting married in August 2022, I’d have to say Italy! I have Italian roots and would love to go there and have a true, authentic Italian experience.  

What’s your favorite thing to do during your free time?   

Really anything outside! I love to take my dogs on walks, lay in the sun and swim during the summer, and (attempt) to snowboard in the winter. I also enjoy reading, watching cheesy Christmas movies and doing different workout classes like boxing and HIIT–and riding my stationary bike! 

What advice can you give candidates to make sure they find the best job for them during this hot job market?  

I think it is important to know what gets you excited in a job. Really focus in on your top three to five key skills and strengths. Also, know your passions. Make sure these are things that you are going to be able to apply in your next role. 

It’s also so important to ask questions when given the opportunity. That is your time to learn everything about the job and organization, and, if you are offered the job, hopefully these answers will lead you to know if you’re making the right decision, and if the position and organization are the right fit for you.  

Finally, what do you like most about your job at TorchLight?  

If I had to narrow it down to just one thing about my job… I think it would be that as a Talent Acquisition Specialist, I love being able to build lasting relationships with candidates.  

As for working at TorchLight as a whole, I wake up every day excited to work with all my colleagues. TorchLight has such a wonderful team environment and I feel super fortunate to be part of it. 

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