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Why Your Employee Performance Reviews Should Be Quarterly, Instead of Annually

Here’s a challenge for you today: Walk around the office and take an informal survey of both managers and employees.

Ask them if they like doing annual performance reviews.

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Leading employers across the country are handing over parts of their business to contractors. Could your D.C. business benefit from hiring talented, temporary marketing pros?

We’re one of the best search and staffing firms in Washington, D.C. and our experienced recruiters have connections to highly-qualified candidates looking for short-term, contract marketing, communications and PR jobs.

According to a recent article published by The Wall Street Journal, the number of major employers bringing in contractors to get the job done is on the rise. Companies, including Amazon, Google, Pfizer Inc., Procter & Gamble Co. and FedEx Corp., are hiring contractors instead of permanent employees to cut costs and to be more flexible with changes in demand.

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Washington, D.C.’s leading businesses are looking to fill content marketing jobs. Do you have the expertise companies are looking for?

At TorchLight, one of the best marketing and communications search and staffing firms in the D.C. metro area, we connect job candidates looking for a new opportunity with clients searching for the area’s top talent

If you’re a content marketing professional in Maryland, Washington or Northern Virginia, your skills are in high demand—area businesses are eager to hire experts like you to help them craft copy that drives results.

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Get results from your next campaign with the help of a D.C. content marketing contractor

As a leading marketing and communications search and staffing firm, TorchLight knows the value an experienced content marketing contractor brings to Washington, D.C.’s leading businesses

The message within your marketing campaign has the power to inspire consumers to act—or be ignored. At TorchLight, we know thoughtfully crafted content is critical to delivering your intended message, which is why you need to hire a content marketing contractor in D.C. with the skills and experience to reach your audience. We can help!

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Searching for a social media consultant in D.C. to strengthen your brand presence? Look no further!

At TorchLight, we connect our clients to highly qualified marketing and communications professionals in the Washington, D.C. area

Today’s leading companies have devoted the time and resources needed to develop a strong social media strategy. Many of these businesses rely on the expertise of a D.C. social media consultant—a professional who dedicates his or her days to generating buzz-worthy content and expanding a company’s reach through the use of multiple social media platforms. Let TorchLight connect you to a social media superstar ready to step in at a moment’s notice—and with the expertise to take your brand to the next level.

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Looking for a Marketing Job in DC with Work-Life Balance?

According to the Washington Post, if you’re in a marketing job, you’re in the right field.

Whether you’re happily employed or whether you’re seeking a new marketing and communications job in DC that offers work-life balance, you’re in luck. Glassdoor recently conducted a survey of the top 25 careers most likely to have the best work-life balance, and a number of marketing roles made the list. The results were published in the Washington Post:

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Millennials are Taking Over Washington DC’s Marketing Jobs

Find out what this means for your company marketing and communications roles—and why this generation is impacting the future of business

Much has been written about the Millennial generation—their likes, dislikes, habits and perceptions. But the jury is still out on the impact Millennials are having in today’s work world. Fact or fiction aside, the new generation is here, and they’re filling many of the Washington DC region’s top marketing and communications jobs.

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Seeking DC Marketing and Communications Jobs with Work-Life Flexibility?

You’re not alone—and here’s what some companies are doing about it

Every day, we meet with Washington, D.C. professionals ready for that next marketing and communications job move. More than anything, job seekers tell us they’re looking for flexibility when it comes to that next career opportunity. Companies that aren’t keeping pace with this trend in the workplace and that don’t offer flexibility and work-life balance may be losing out on qualified, top talent.

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