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With the rising cost of higher education, and a rapidly changing marketing industry, are college degrees still worth it?

You need not look too far in the news headlines lately to see impassioned discussions—and more than a little angst—about the rising costs of higher education. As a result, many are asking whether a four-year college degree is even still worth it.

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Searching for a new marketing and communications job in Washington, Maryland or Northern Virginia? Be sure to look in all the right places

One of DC’s top marketing and communications recruiting and staffing firms in D.C., TorchLight offers job seekers s a few tips for success in today’s world

Here in D.C., like so many other parts of the country, the approach to finding new marketing and communications job opportunities has changed drastically in recent years. The rise of social media makes it easier than ever for job seekers to uncover exciting new career prospects. If you’re only relying on old methods—like scouring the Sunday classified ads or waiting for someone to find you—you’re missing the mark, and likewise missing out on great job opportunities.

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Goodbye, 9 to 5

Flexibility is key for DC companies hiring marketing and communications professionals

As one of the Washington region’s leading recruiting firms, every day we are helping companies find, recruit and hire professionals for a variety of marketing and communications jobs in DC. Increasingly, job candidates are seeking flexibility in their work lives more than any other variable. In fact, flexibility is no longer just a “perk” — It’s an expectation.

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