The TorchLight Difference: Here’s our unique approach to marketing and communications recruiting

by Susan Mullin

Find out what makes TorchLight one of the most recommended marketing and communications recruiters in Washington, D.C.

You may already know TorchLight as one of the leading marketing and communications recruiters in Washington, D.C. Or perhaps you are just getting to know our special skill matching candidates and companies to fill marketing and communications jobs.

While different recruiters have different approaches, I’d like to highlight what TorchLight’s experienced team of recruiters do — and how we do it.

We are a niche agency

TorchLight specializes only in recruiting marketing and communications talent in the DC Metro area. Niche agencies, such as ours, specialize in a particular industry—in our case, marketing and communications. Our recruiters have worked directly in the industry we serve. We bring an insider’s perspective to the table, which proves advantageous to employers and candidates alike.

Our clients are some of the leading companies and organizations in the Washington, D.C. region

We are sometimes asked for whom we work: employers or candidates. Our client is the Washington, D.C.-area company that requests our help to fill a marketing or communications position.

Of course, without our professional and personal networks of top talent and potential job candidates, we couldn’t meet our clients’ needs…and our office would be a very quiet place. We also have our candidates’ best interests in mind — We seek to ensure that every match is a great one for both company AND candidate.

We look high and low — and everywhere in between — to find the right candidates for our clients.

There are a number of ways we go about finding exceptional candidates. Some come to us — by way of a posting on our Web site or a referral. We also engage our extensive professional and personal networks and tap into non-traditional means such as social media to find great talent. But the recruiting process doesn’t stop and start with a request from a client. We’re actively recruiting talent 24/7.

We don’t get paid until the right candidate is hired.

As a contingent search firm, we don’t get paid until we successfully place a candidate. You might think that means we aren’t as committed to putting in the time and energy necessary to make a great employer-candidate match. But you would be wrong. We like our reputation for integrity and honesty, and we value our success rate of 97%. We didn’t earn either, and we won’t maintain either, by giving anything less than all we’ve got.

We’re passionate about what we do.

A large part of what motivates us is our passion for people and our passion for the process. You see, to make a successful match, you need to sync more than job descriptions and resumes. Good recruiters know you need to sync motivations, personalities, cultures and work styles, too. The feeling we get at the end of the search process—when the offer is accepted and both parties are excited and happy—is nothing short of amazing.

We may be a small company, but we’re big on experience and personality.

We’re a small but lively team that delivers results with a personal touch. We love people, we’re approachable and often witty. We’re serious about business, and we’re equally serious about our lives outside of the office and about serving the communities in which we live.

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