5 reasons you should hire a marketing contractor

by Susan Mullin

In today’s uncertain economic environment, marketing budgets are limited – but performance expectations remain high. This often means doing more with fewer employees. How can you balance the need for tight budget management and drive marketing success? What about covering expected and unexpected employee absences – or unplanned marketing initiatives that always seem to pop up? Hiring a marketing contractor is one way to meet these needs.

Here are the top five reasons to think about hiring a marketing contractor:

Budget constraints

When budgets are tight, hiring for new full-time positions can be limited. Using marketing contractors offers a way to expand your team without significant financial impact. Further, you can hire contractors for short or long-term periods of time which gives you flexibility and minimizes risk.

Increased staff power for important marketing initiatives

Whether it’s a product launch, campaign, website redesign or one of those surprise marketing initiatives, sometimes you need extra people to make it to the finish line. If the project is truly a one time event, you probably don’t want to hire someone permanently. Engaging a short-term marketing contractor is a cost-effective and adaptable solution – and the extra support helps with employee morale as well.

Covering staff absences

Life happens – which means employees sometimes need extended time off for a variety of reasons including maternity or family leave, sabbaticals, disability or other events. Experienced professional contractors can quickly step in and keep projects moving forward as long as you need them to.

Access to specialized marketing expertise

In today’s complex marketing landscape, your team requires a wide range of skill sets. Contractors enable you to tap into specialized expertise such as marketing automation, customer segmentation, high-level analytics and many others. Hiring a contractor means you can leverage their knowledge short-term and gain long-term benefits for your company.

Testing out new marketing positions and potential employees

Establishing new positions can be time-consuming and costly, often requiring approval from a large number of stakeholders and senior management. Marketing contractors provide a cost-efficient and flexible alternative, enabling you to test out a new role, determine if it is worth the extra resources and justify the expense to your boss. Equally as important, it allows you to try out potential employees to see if they are a fit for the role – before you commit to a full-time hire.

In the ever-changing business world, hiring marketing contractors can be a smart solution to meet a variety of needs. Marketing contractors can help you and your organization achieve marketing success in a cost-effective and flexible way whether you need support for the short or long term.

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