10 must-reads of the week! Employee personality tests, confidence habits and more.

by Julie Rutherford

This week’s interesting articles range from how to use employee personality tests to fighting bias in the office and habits that will increase your work confidence.

Do you know how to use employee personality tests or ways to increase work confidence? Read on to learn

The helpful upside of office personality tests

Other than being a fun coffee-break conversation topic, employee personality tests can greatly benefit your communication style in the workplace. Beyond being entertaining, these tests can be quite useful for your own self-development. Knowing your innate behaviors, such as arriving late or forgetting tasks, can help you shine a light on your blind spots. The first step to fixing your less-than-stellar habits is identifying them.

Once you realize patterns in your personality that may be infiltrating your work performance, you can manage them more effectively. Furthermore, knowing the style in which you work, whether you prefer a rigid schedule or a more open-ended frame, facilitates communication with your superiors and yourself. Read more about how you and your team can benefit from personality tests. 

The Secrets of Successful Female Networkers

Women often lack access to networking events which restricts them from building important connections. When most of the bonding occurs at the golf course, it can be difficult for female professionals to get in all of the action.

With effective strategies, working women can rise above their peers and establish successful networks that will last for life. These include being: efficient, nimble, boundary-spanning and energy balance. Learn the specific ways you can put these to work and expand your circle! 

How the Best Bosses Interrupt Bias on Their Teams

Research has shown that diverse teams outperform homogenous teams, are more committed and show better decision-making skills. However, bias prevention programs lack supportive evidence of their effectiveness. That being said, individual leaders can make a difference through their leading strategies. Bias is difficult to eliminate, however it can be interrupted much more easily. 

Find out important tactics that you can use in your every day to interrupt bias. 

10 Habits of the Most Confident People

Becoming a confident individual can sometimes take a little “faking it till you make it”. Confident leaders across industries share a variety of habits that make them successful. A clearly defined purpose, focus on the positive, and neglecting to compare yourself to others are all a few of the ways you can invest in yourself. Here are a few habits that you will want to make room for. 

High-Performing Teams Need Psychological Safety. Here’s How to Create It

The Head of Industry at Google found that the highest performing teams in a span of a two-year study had one thing in common: psychological safety. Psychologically speaking, safety is one of our most basic needs.

In order to focus on higher-importance tasks, we must not have a fear of being punished for our mistakes. Constant fear of being reprimanded restrains creativity and risk-taking in teams. Create an atmosphere that challenges your team, not instills fear. If you want to find out approaches that increase psychological safety, click here for more! 

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