Want to Add Captions to Your Video Content? 3 Reasons to Use the App Clips

by Gaby Gramont

Adding Captions to Video with Clips | TorchLight

In early 2017, Apple introduced Clips to the world. The free app was designed to help iPhone and iPad users create fun, expressive videos right from their devices and share them quickly on social media.

While video editing is nothing new, even on smartphones and tablets, Clips offers a unique feature called Live Titles, a new way to add captions and titles to your footage. Whether you work in one of many creative jobs in DC or simply enjoy giving your personal videos a little something extra, here are three reasons you need to give the Clips app a try.

Record Narration

One of the most challenging parts of adding captions is usually having to type out all of the text. For longer videos, this can be particularly burdensome, adding a significant amount of time to the editing process.

With Live Titles, you can bypass all of the typing. Clips allows users to record narration with their voice; then converts the information into text, generating the captions as you speak.

The display of the titles and captions can also be easily timed in the video, ensuring the right words appear at the proper moment.

Easy Editing

Clips is very accurate when converting the narration into captions. However, if it doesn’t get it precisely right, editing is a breeze.

You can adjust the text directly in the app, giving you the ability to correct mistakes or refine what will be displayed. This is particularly handy for individuals who may use fillers when they speak, like “um” or “uh,” since, if they appear in the caption, they can quickly be removed.

Fun Effects

While basic captions are available, Clips also presents users with additional options, allowing their text to match the style of the video. There are many preset styles as well as animated labels that can contain text, giving you the ability to select the right font, color, and layout with ease.

Ultimately, the Clips app offers a fairly robust feature set, especially for a free app. While the app has social media posting in mind, it can also create videos for other purposes, such as embedding in a blog post or any portion of a website.

Since the app is incredibly user-friendly, most people should be able to familiarize themselves with the caption-oriented functions quickly. Plus, you can do a lot more with Clips, including adding music to a video, filtering the appearance of the footage and more.

Clips is only available on Apple devices, so Android users would need to seek out an alternative if they want to edit videos easily, such as Funimate: Video Editor Effects & Music Video Maker or Magisto Video Editor & Maker (both of which are available for free).

If you are interested in learning more about Clips, the professionals at TorchLight can help.

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