How to Rethink Your Website Conversion Funnels to Generate More Leads

by Gaby Gramont

Understanding and Maximizing Website Conversion Funnels

To put it simply, your conversion funnel is critical to the success of your online marketing efforts. Without effective conversion funnel marketing pathways, you won’t be able to generate leads or land new customers efficiently.

If your website isn’t bringing in leads at a reasonable pace, then rethinking your conversion funnels is a necessity. Here’s how to begin.

Identify All Your Conversion Funnels

You can’t rethink your conversion funnels if you don’t know what and where they are. Some marketers believe only actual sales attempts qualify, but that isn’t the case.

Any point on your website where you want a visitor to take action represents the end result of a particular conversion funnel. This includes anything from joining a mail list to completing a purchase.

Examine your site to find all your conversion funnels. Identify where they are and their core purpose. That way, as you rethink your conversion funnel marketing approach, you can work on the entire site and not just a segment.

Consider the Conversion Funnel Steps

While each conversion funnel is at least somewhat unique, the core steps remain consistent. First, you need to make a visitor aware of your product. Next, you need to cultivate their interest. Then, you need to increase their desire for your offering. Finally, you need to ask them to take action.

If any of the steps above are missing (or merely insufficient), your conversion funnel isn’t going to be as effective. For example, if a visitor has no interest in your product because they don’t understand the benefits, they aren’t going to complete an action like making a purchase or joining your mailing list.

Compare Your Existing Process

Once you understand the steps, you can begin to experiment with the flow of the website to see if the conversion path is easy and efficient for the end-user to navigate. This allows you to determine if anything is missing.

At this stage, you can also use data to help guide your actions. For example, look at your website traffic to see how many visitors come to your page. If you aren’t seeing a lot of traffic in general, then increasing awareness should be a priority. You may want to expand your social media presence, create meaningful content that isn’t sales-oriented or optimize your site SEO.

However, if you get a decent amount of traffic, but the visitors leave quickly or don’t view more than one page, you may want to concentrate on driving interest and desire. Adding more detailed product descriptions, showcasing how your product solves a core problem or otherwise highlighting its merits may be beneficial.

While reaching a 100 percent conversion rate is essentially impossible, improving it is within reach. You will likely need to tweak and test your funnels repeatedly, analyzing the results of each adjustment until you are fully optimized. It takes time and diligence, but it is worth the effort to see your metrics rise and business impact increase.

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