Your Copywriter is Not Dead

by Gaby Gramont

TorchLight, the Washington D.C. area’s leading marketing and communications search firm, sheds light on why writing skills still matter—and why your copywriter is your most powerful marketing weapon.

Cursive writing is no longer being taught in many schools. Text messaging is replacing the phone call for quick communication. Electronic newsletters are more commonplace than paper ones.

Given the sea change in the way we communicate, you might assume that quality copywriting is going the way of the dinosaur.

But you would be very wrong.

Here at TorchLight, the Washington region’s No. 1 search and staffing firms focused on filling marketing and communications jobs, we assure you that not only is quality writing alive and well—It’s more crucial than ever. Here’s why savvy businesses are shoring up their copywriting positions. (And if they’re not, they should be.)

  1. With Google’s new Hummingbird algorithm, copy quality—not quantity—boosts SEO.

    In the early days of search engines, the way to gain SEO traction was to pump copy full of keywords—the more, the better. It wasn’t uncommon to find Web sites with copy that barely passed literary standards simply to drive search engine results. Sure, the SEO benefits were good for a time, but the copy failed to connect with the reader and the company looked ridiculous, as if it couldn’t string a basic sentence together.

    Google’s recent Hummingbird algorithm changes all that. Rather than getting “credit” for quantity (pumping copy full of keywords), Google now gives you credit for quality (genuine content). As a result, quality copy is now driving SEO—and that means strong writing that incorporates SEO principles is in seriously hot demand.

  2. More vehicles for communication require more versatile writing skills.

    Not long ago, companies relied solely on print media—newsletters, magazines, direct mail—as their primary forms of communicating important information to customers and prospects. Today, these vehicles are still going strong, but now add a fast-growing portfolio of e-mail marketing, online display ads, social media and more. If the messaging falls flat or fails to connect, so does your campaign—no matter the vehicle. That’s why companies benefit from strong writers who are versatile and understand how to craft compelling, engaging content from one medium to the next.

  3. You’re still judged by your appearance. (Sorry, but it’s true.)

    It’s not only models and celebrities who are judged by how they look. In today’s busy world, with buyers pinched for time and competitors snapping at your heels to swipe your customers, people make snap judgments about your company and its health, vitality and trustworthiness. They’ll look at your Web site for five seconds and make a decision about whether to hire you. Or, they’ll open your e-mail newsletter, scan the headline and decide if they want to read on or remove themselves from your mailing list. The quality of the content is the first impression that shapes their buying decisions.By way of example, a customer with millions of dollars of personal assets invested in a large bank was dismayed by the form letter she received that was rife with typos and inconsistencies. She called her banker with this pointed comment: “I certainly hope you are more careful with my money than you were with this letter.”

    While it may have been “just a form letter” to the bank, the lack of quality and attention to detail created doubt in the mind of one very important customer. And once a customer has reason to doubt you, it’s very difficult to overcome the perception.

So, how is your company’s bench of writers?

Are they producing quality content that you can be proud of and that makes your business shine? If not, we can help. Contact TorchLight today for help finding quality copywriting talent for your company–It’s one role your marketing and communications team simply can’t do without.

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