How to Create a Conversion Funnel on Your Blog

by Gaby Gramont

Create a Conversion Funnel on Your Blog | TorchLight

While blogs originally began as mechanisms for people to express themselves, they have since become powerful tools for business. The content can attract potential buyers, and when presented well, even facilitates sales.

Most content marketing jobs in DC put a significant amount of emphasis on the conversion funnel as it helps ensure each blog can help with the generation of sales. If you are looking to create a conversion funnel on your blog, here’s how to get started.

Focus on Quality

Initially, your blog helps generate awareness about your product or service. However, that doesn’t mean the content needs to be completely sales-oriented.

Instead, you want to create pieces that draw in the reader and provide them with useful information about a topic associated with your product or service. This helps establish your blog as a resource and not just an advertising platform.

If the content you create isn’t of reasonable quality, readers aren’t likely to see it as valuable. When this occurs, the chances of them making a purchase decrease significantly.

Offer Something for Free

While some first-time visitors to your blog might make a purchase, many need more than just a single post to trigger their interest. Since you can’t count on them returning on their own without prompting, consider offering something for free in exchange for joining your email list.

For example, a PDF guide with helpful information that pertains to your niche can be an excellent option. Typically, it doesn’t take much time, energy or resources to create a digital guide, and emailing it to the reader can be set up to occur automatically.

This gives you contact information for the person, allowing you to email them when a new post is added or with information about sales. Just make sure any follow-up communications aren’t solely advertising, as this might not produce the needed level of engagement.

Highlight Your Product or Service as a Solution

Most purchases are spurred by a problem on the buyer’s end. They have a situation and need a solution, and that’s how you should view your offering.

By sharing information about how your product or service can solve common problems, you begin to demonstrate its value. You may also need to add points that showcase how you are different from competitors, particularly if your space is crowded.

Calls to Action

A call to action is a simple statement that encourages the reader to take another step, such as requesting more information, obtaining a free trial, or making a purchase.

It’s wise to add a call to action to the end of every blog, adjusting your approach based on the topic being discussed. Emails should also include these statements, even if they aren’t specifically sales-oriented.

By following the tips above you can create a robust conversion funnel for nearly any blog, increasing the odds that a reader will become a customer.

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