7 tips to help you write effective Digital Marketing Manager job descriptions

by Julie Rutherford

So you finally got approval for your new digital marketing manager position and are ready to start recruiting. Not so fast. In an effort to speed up the recruiting process, many hiring managers fall into the trap of using fairly generic digital marketing manager job descriptions–which often results in wasting time you don’t have screening unqualified candidates.

Even if you are looking for a digital marketing generalist, it’s important to be as specific as possible so you get the right candidates for your role.

7 tips to write effective digital marketing manager job descriptions

Here’s a checklist to help you write effective digital marketing manager job descriptions:

  1. Is your role B2B or B2C? If the job is focused on one audience or the other, specify that up front in the job title and/or initial paragraph. As you know, digital B2B and B2C marketing techniques are not always the same and require different expertise.

  2. Does the position require specific industry or sector experience?  If you need someone with digital marketing experience in the association or tech sector, state that as well to avoid those candidates who don’t have the industry knowledge you need.

  1. Is program execution an important part of the job? Some digital marketing managers have implementation support from junior employees, outside resources like an agency or other marketing team members. If the manager will be doing the tactics, be very specific about the level of operational experience they need. Otherwise, you may attract candidates who are used to having a lot of resources to get things done vs. handling it themselves.

  2. What design and/or copywriting skills do they need? Not every digital marketing manager is a graphic designer or writer so set clear expectations around whether they will design and write marketing materials themselves or oversee internal or external creative resources.

  3. What digital channel expertise is needed? If you need a paid media expert vs. someone with heavy SEO and Social Media knowledge, spell that out. Some digital skills have a big learning curve so expecting an email expert to run remarketing campaigns may not be the best bet.  

  4. Do they need specific digital marketing or sales platform knowledge? When you list general email experience in your requirements vs. Marketo or Hubspot expertise you risk attracting candidates who don’t have the qualifications you need. The same goes with CMS or WordPress, social media management and related systems. Some, but not all, skills can translate from one tool to another. 

  5. What level of analytics proficiency do they need? Some digital marketing managers may be able to run reports in systems like Google Analytics but don’t know as much about how to set up conversion funnels, tagging and other more advanced features. Others may be used to working with an analytics department. If you require advanced knowledge of a particular analytics package, say so. 

We hope this checklist is helpful and gives you new ideas to help make your digital marketing manager job descriptions more effective. If you put in the effort up front, you’ll reap the rewards once the job is posted.  More qualified candidates will apply for your role, save time and hopefully find that digital marketing star you need! 

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