Digital Marketing Manager Quiz: How do you stack up?

by Julie Rutherford

digital marketing manager

In today’s competitive business climate, a great digital marketing manager must be up to speed on many different aspects of their craft:  analytics, creative, SEO, paid search, and the list goes on. This digital marketing quiz will help you identify areas you already know well and possibly a few you could brush up on. Take the quiz and see how YOU stack up as a digital marketing manager!


Congratulations! Your digital marketing skills are up to date.

You failed to pass the quiz. Study a bit harder and try again!

#1. What is the ideal keyword density for SEO?

#2. On Google Analytics which of these is the highest view:

#3. Google is responsible for ___ of all smartphone search traffic and ___ total organic traffic.

#4. Which social platform drives more referrals ?

#5. Content shared on _____ has the longest "link life span"

#6. What types of content are most likely to earn backlinks?

#7. Which is the correct order for the funnel?

#8. How is cost-per-click (CPC) calculated?

#9. What bounce rate should you be striving for?

#10. Which of these UTM parameters IS required:

#11. Which of the following allows you to see ROI on paid keywords?

#12. If you wanted to use UTM tracking to track the specific link or ad that produced traffic you would use:


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