Women Business Owner Series

TorchLight’s Women Business Owner series started as a way to shine a spotlight on the diverse group of women business owners making an impact in a wide range of industries and sectors. After all, according to the US Census, women-owned firms accounted for only 19.9% of all firms that employed people in 2018. Of those businesses that are women-run, a majority are owned by white, non-minority, non-LGBTQ+, non-hispanic, and non-veteran women.

Check out our past women business owners below. Interested in being our next women business owner? Contact TorchLight!

Liz Whitehead, Diversity Masterminds and 12PointFive

Liz is the founder of Diversity Masterminds as well as 12PointFive– both of which focus on expanding the reach of diverse companies through certification and consulting.

Moneek Pines-Elliot, ARTrageous Brush and Flow

Moneek is the founder and owner of ARTrageous Brush and Flow – a studio that hosts painting events for adults, children, corporate events and fundraisers.

Drs. Kala and Maya Johnstone

Drs. Kala and Maya Johnstone, FoodChasers’ Kitchen

Kala and Maya Johnstone are the founders of Philadelphia-based FoodChasers’ Kitchen. In addition to the restaurant, they run a non-profit that helps students and teachers.

Patty Solis

Patty Solis, Diverza Activewear

Patty Solis is the CEO and Owner of Diverza, an apparel company based in Panama with a mission to empower ALL bodies.

Lilly Harris, CEO of MSA

Lilly Harris, Man-Machine Systems Assessment

Lilly Harris is the CEO and Owner of Man-Machine Systems Assessment, a military and government contractor responsible for machinery research and testing.

Denita R. Conway

Denita R. Conway, PROVEN Management

Denita R. Conway is the President and CEO of Proven Management, a project and program management service specializing in owner representation, space planning, interior design, transition planning & management, and furniture procurement.

Katelyn Montgomery

Katelyn Montgomery, Worldgate LLC

Katelyn Montgomery is the founder and president of Worldgate LLC, an IT consulting company specializing in K12 technology. Worldgate creates consulting teams to help with on-site projects, managing technology implementation, analyzing data, and providing production support.

Lisa and Kimberly Serrano

Lisa and Kimberly Serrano, Finishing Touch Painting

Lisa and Kimberly Serrano are the founders and owners of Finishing Touch Painting, a full-service painting company specializing in both interior and exterior painting, having done everything from refinishing chairs and kitchen cabinets to painting entire homes.

Del Lim

Del Lim, Del the Grocery Gal

Del Lim is the owner and founder of Del the Grocery Gal, a personal shopping service created to resolve the kinds of produce issues that many people experience with grocery shopping services.

Laura Gross

Laura Gross, Scott Circle Communications

Laura Gross is the President of Scott Circle Communications, a purpose-driven public-relations agency. Scott Circle works with non-profits, associations, advocacy groups and some corporations focused on specific mission-related projects in DC.

Jennifer Collins

Jennifer Collins, JDC Events

Jennifer Collins is the CEO and Founder of JDC Events. JDC Events is an event planner producing engagement-driven, live, hybrid and virtual events for corporate, nonprofit, and government agencies

Karen Blackwell

Karen Blackwell, Kanda Chocolates

Karen Blackwell is the CEO and Founder of Kanda Chocolates, a socially responsible chocolate confectionary. Kana Chocolates both sources and crafts their chocolate blends in Ghana using fair trade non-GMO cocoa beans.