Women Business Owners Series: Lisa and Kimberly Serrano, Founders of Finishing Touch Painting

by Susan Mullin

As part of our series on Women Business Owners, we recently sat down with Lisa and Kimberly Serrano, owners and founders of Finishing Touch Painting, to learn more about why they started their painting business, the most challenging parts of being an entrepreneur and their advice to women who are thinking of starting their own businesses.

Before and after shot of Lisa and Kimberly Serrano's business' work on a residential deck

What prompted you to found Finishing Touch Painting?  What kind of work did you all do before you started painting? 

Lisa and Kimberly: We both wanted to start this business to become self-sufficient. Quite frankly, we wanted to enjoy what we do on a daily basis. We both had a myriad of jobs prior to this and jobs in the arts ALWAYS stood out as our favorites.

We’d love to know more about the types of painting you do. Do you do indoor and outdoor painting? Small and large jobs? What are some examples? 

Lisa and Kimberly: We specialize in interior and exterior painting. We have done everything from refinishing dining room chairs and kitchen cabinets to painting entire homes. We simply love to see our clients happy and we are suckers for a great “Before and After.”

What’s one of the most rewarding or fun painting jobs you’ve done? What are some particularly satisfying aspects of your work with clients?

Lisa and Kimberly: Every job has its different rewards. We do painting at a local preschool that our daughter attended when she was younger. We always love working there whenever they need something. In terms of other clients, it’s an honor for someone to let us into there home. It feels great to see them smile and light up when they see their finished space and we know they’ll love it every time they walk in.

Clearly, Finishing Touch Painting is a customer-focused business. Tell us a bit about how you all work with clients to ensure that your painting services meet their needs and expectations. 

Lisa and Kimberly: We like to have a conversation with our potential clients about exactly that! We listen to what they have to say including what they don’t like about their current paint/color situation. We then try to guide them into something they will love and enjoy looking at every day.

Where do you offer your painting services?

Lisa and Kimberly: Most of our current business is in Charlottesville, VA and surrounding areas. We would love to expand our business regionally into other parts of Virginia, including Northern Virginia and DC. We like to travel, so we’re happy to get an Airbnb and bring our services to clients out of this area.

What is your favorite part about being an entrepreneur?  What’s the most challenging part? 

Lisa and Kimberly: Our favorite part is that we are able to have direct communication with our clients and really understand their needs. Bringing forth their vision to fruition is so satisfying. The most challenging part is time management. It’s always a balancing act.

What advice do you have for women who are thinking about starting their own businesses? 

Lisa and Kimberly: DO IT!!! It is very rewarding! Keeping in mind that it will be extremely demanding, make sure you pick something you love to do.

What are your plans for Finishing Touch Painting in the future?

Lisa and Kimberly: To continue meeting our current clients’ needs, and ultimately, to gain new clients and grow our business either in or out of our current area. We would love to see our business employing more women who are ready to succeed! 

Get in touch with Lisa and Kimberly and learn more about their painting business.

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