Insights from our recent study: Navigating remote work during the pandemic

A man works remotely while his child looks on

Did you know 74% of our clients and candidates feel very positive about working from home right now – and perhaps even more surprising – they feel their work and careers are thriving? This is just one of the many insights gleaned from our recent study focused on remote work during COVID-19.

A few more interesting data points to consider related to working from home:

  • 75% of our respondents report being more productive at home than in the office
  • 93% are currently working the same or more hours from home
  • For over 50% of respondents, communication with managers and peers is a main focus
  • 50% still believe work-life balance is of primary importance

Collaboration isn’t difficult in remote work. It’s smoother, honestly. ‘Here’s this presentation, here’s what we’re talking about, here’s what we need to decide.’

So, working from home seems to be a good thing but what about going back to the office or looking for a new role? Are they ready for those bigger decisions, and what will make them feel comfortable in either scenario?

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