3 Ways to Reach Your 2019 Goal of Finding Your Next Job!

by Gaby Gramont

The new year is a time for looking toward the future. Many professionals hope to find an exciting job opportunity in the coming year, allowing them to move closer to their career aspirations.

Whether you are hoping to land an exciting DC PR job or are looking for opportunities in marketing, communications or other fields, here are three ways you can reach your 2019 goal of finding your next position.

Reconnect With Your Network

The holiday season gives job seekers a unique opportunity— the ability to reconnect with members of their network with ease. Reaching out to a former colleague, manager or mentor with holiday greetings is a simple way to start rekindling the relationship, especially since people tend to be in a more giving and receptive mood.

While you don’t want to start off by mentioning that you are searching for a new position, getting the conversation moving in that direction can be easier to pull off this time of year. After wishing them happy holidays and generally checking in, broach the subject of New Year’s resolutions or goals for the coming year by asking them about their plans for 2019. If they provide you with some information, you’ll likely be asked the same question in return. Let them know about your goal and see where the conversation goes from there.

Reinvigorate Your LinkedIn Profile

We all know that LinkedIn is an excellent resource during a job search. Not only can it supplement your resume by allowing you to share additional details, it can also be searched by recruiters and hiring managers, helping you learn about new opportunities.

Freshen up your profile to supercharge your search by updating your professional summary to highlight skills and accomplishments that align with your target position. Add any information about credentials, achievements or new skills you gained in 2018, and revamp the existing content to include keywords that relate to your preferred future role. Make sure your tag line includes your target keywords and does not simply default to your title and be sure that you are using a professional-looking photo.

If you don’t mind your search being somewhat public, list yourself as an “Open Candidate” by heading to the Jobs section in your profile, clicking on “Career Interests”, and activating the “Let recruiters know you’re open” option.

While LinkedIn hides this detail from your public profile, as well as from your current employer and any associated recruitment sources they use, that doesn’t guarantee they won’t find out. We recommend you only turn this on if you are comfortable being discovered. Otherwise, make sure to turn off the change notifications before you adjust your profile so others aren’t alerted to your updates and leave the “Open Candidate” setting alone.

Sign Up for Job Alerts

Most job boards and social networks allow you to sign up for notifications that meet specific criteria. By creating job alerts, you can stay informed about new openings without having to skim all of the sites every day.

Create alerts that cover your target job titles, specific keywords, preferred companies or even the primary skills you want to use. Then, when a match is found, you’ll receive a notification message and can choose to review the details if the listing has potential.

By using the tips above, you’ll be closer to reaching your goal of finding a new job in 2019.

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