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Why Every Job Seeker Should Gather References Before Applying to Their Next Job

Selecting References for Your Next Job | TorchLight

According to a survey of HR professionals, around 96 percent of employers perform reference or background checks during the hiring process. This means, if you are applying for a new job, you can almost guarantee the company is going to ask for references.

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Managing Workplace Stress is as Easy as Following these 4 Steps

Managing Workplace Stress | Torchlight Hire

Stress is a natural reaction to experiences we have in everyday life. We know stress when we feel it and we know how it impacts us in the short term. These are the things you should know about the impact of stress and minimizing workplace stress.

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What It Takes to be a Strategic Marketing Manager in Washington, DC

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Four Books Every DC Marketing and Communications Professional Should Read in 2018 to Refocus and Re-Energize


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Looking for marketing communications jobs in Alexandria, Arlington or Falls Church?

TorchLight is hiring in dozens of marketing, communications, PR, digital or product marketing job opportunities in Northern Virginia

TorchLight is helping some of the DC region’s most exciting companies recruit talented professionals with marketing and communications experience. If you’re looking for a new career opportunity, let’s talk soon! You may be just the person our clients are looking for.

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Find a new digital marketing job in Washington, DC today

Search TorchLight’s Jobs Board for dozens of exciting full-time, temp and contract marketing, communications and PR positions

Are you new to the DC area and searching for a great new professional opportunity in the District, Alexandria, Arlington, Tysons, Bethesda, Silver Spring or surrounding areas? Or are you simply ready to take on a new challenge, climb to the next level or grow your skills in new ways?

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The Best Full-Time and Contract Marketing Communications Jobs in DC are Posted Here

TorchLight marketing recruiters are looking for candidates like you!

Are you an experienced professional in Washington, Northern Virginia or Maryland seeking an exciting new marketing, communications or PR job opportunity? Look no further!

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DC Marketing Job Seekers, How Do You Deal with Disappointment?

Whether you’re an experienced marketing director who has worked in Washington DC for many years, or whether you are new to the Nation’s Capital area and are looking to find a communications job opening, you have no doubt experienced disappointment at one time or another.

One of the most challenging aspects of looking for a new marketing, communications or PR position—here in DC or anywhere for that matter—is dealing with rejection. You really wanted the job; it was not offered to you. It is almost always part of the process, but it never gets any easier,  whether you are just starting out or have several years of experience.

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Marketing Temp Jobs – Now Hiring in DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland

Are you an experienced marketing pro seeking short-term work and flexibility? Our clients in Prince George’s County, Baltimore, Alexandria, Arlington and Tysons Corner want to meet you!

The Washington region’s top companies are hiring contractors, consultants and temps in a variety of short-term positions in marketing, digital marketing, communications, PR, product marketing and more.

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Need to Find a New Washington DC Marketing Communications Job? Start by Optimizing Your Resume

DC marketing pros seeking new professional job opportunities know there is no shortage of resume advice for job seekers.

You can even hire experts to help craft your resume. Everyone knows a good resume is a crucial first step in landing a good role, and everyone has an opinion on what makes a great resume. How do you cut through the noise and decide which recommendations to follow?

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