Beth Wallace on How CMOs Can Market Themselves as Leaders

by Susan Mullin

In this second video clip from TorchLight’s webinar “The Changing Role of CMOs: the future of marketing leadership, teams and strategy,” TorchLight Marketing President Beth Wallace shares her thoughts on how successful CMOs market themselves to leadership – and deliver – in this snippet from our recent webinar with Chief:

Beth:  I think the most successful leaders, they start with a really strong mission and brand strategy and then they drive that into every activity.

It also needs to be woven into the core of the company. It’s a CMO’s job to do that, but you have to have buy-in at the top, and it’s not a 90-day you know, promotional campaign. It’s a long-term mission. And if you don’t have that overarching strategy, you’re going to do a lot of floundering.

You know, the comment earlier about marketing has a marketing problem. Well, you know, market to your leadership and to your company the same way you would market to your customers. Sadly, we have to spend a big chunk of time marketing internally. As well as externally. But, it does have a payoff because your employees are the front lines of executing the strategy delivering on the customer experience. So if they bought in, then they’re going to ensure that that it’s delivered.

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