Are Your Job Descriptions the Reason You’re Not Getting Resumes From Top Marketing Professionals?

by Susan Mullin

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Struggling to find top talent for your open digital marketing jobs in Washington, DC? The problem might not be a lack of talent. In fact, DC has a rich pool of talented and driven digital marketing professionals open to new opportunities. If your job postings are attracting the wrong candidates, the real issue could be sitting right under your nose. The way you craft a job description will determine which potential applicants decide to throw their hats in the ring. The wrong approach can lead to the wrong candidates. Here are tips on how to write descriptions that will help you attract top digital marketing professionals.

Job Descriptions Must Be Searchable

Candidates use keywords when conducting online job searches. If your job post doesn’t include the relevant terms people use to search for jobs, candidates won’t find your opening. This means avoiding creative headlines and job titles like, “Marketing Ninja” or “Content Marketing Warrior.” The words and phrases you use should accurately reflect the position you have open.

Be Realistic

A job posting that lists 20 must-have minimum requirements will cause talented people to self-select out of the process. A hefty list of must-haves also implies you are paying a significant salary, which may or may not be true. Sit down with the supervisor of the position and talk about four or five of the most important qualifications and skills a candidate must have in order to succeed. Be realistic and don’t ask for more than you can find in the market.  Make sure that the list aligns with your expectations of the chosen candidate and sets realistic expectations for potential applicants.

Include Statement of Impact

If you make the job sound too generic, you’ll attract generic candidates. Today’s top marketing professionals want to make real contributions to their organization. Make sure the job description is devoid of vanilla statements you can find in any listing and be certain it includes statements that discuss the role’s impact on the marketing department and the mission and goals of the organization. This will help applicants determine whether the position aligns with what they are looking for in a new opportunity.

Communicate Company Culture

In today’s job market, company culture matters. Cultural misalignment is one of the biggest reasons a new hire leaves a job within a year. Job descriptions should include key information about your unique company culture, including its mission, the types of people who succeed on your team, and a realistic portrait of the position.  This will help people start to visualize what it will be like to work for your company.

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