Grammar Tools Every Content Specialist in Washington, DC Should Download This Week

by Susan Mullin

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As a content specialist, you have a tough job. Not only must you be a wellspring of engaging and exciting ideas to attract and keep an audience, you must also ensure your pieces are technically perfect and easy to read. When you spend hours looking at one piece of content, it can be difficult to catch syntax errors, typographical mistakes and grammar faux pas. Luckily, there are some great grammar tools available online to help you create error-free content and develop a solid portfolio as you search for marketing contract jobs in Washington, DC.

Hemingway App

The Hemingway app scans and assesses your writing, scoring you on factors like grammar, word choice, errors, sentence structure and readability. Hemingway also provides you with the education level your audience needs to understand your writing so you know if you’ve gone over your target audience’s head or oversimplified for advanced readers. Users like Hemingway because it trains you to become more focused on tailoring your writing style to your target audience.


Grammarly is one of our favorite grammar tools. It is both a standalone application and a browser plugin that will alert you to spelling and grammar errors across websites you use. As you type, Grammarly highlights spelling mistakes and underlines grammar errors in red. You can click to see why Grammarly identified a potential error and either correct it based on the app’s suggestions or ignore it.

Daily Writing Tips For Grammar

Unlike other grammar tools, Daily Writing Tips is a website. It is extremely useful when you find yourself in a sticky grammar situation. It can help you choose between words like “farther” and “further” or deal with questions like whether the word “dozen” is plural or singular. When you’re stuck, you can search the grammar section of Daily Writing Tips and they’ll likely have an answer for you.

Bonus Analog Tool: A Trusted Marketing Team Member

Online grammar tools are extremely useful for checking grammar, usage and syntax, but digital tools are far from perfect. It is always a good practice for content marketing pieces to be checked by at least one other set of human eyes before sending it off. Make sure to choose someone who has strong spelling and grammar skills and has the time to devote to a close read. If possible, solicit the help of several of your team members because the more eyes on a piece, the better.

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