Holiday Quiz: Do you know your seasonal marketing stats?

The holiday season is upon us and with it comes tons of shopping…and marketing!  Can you guess these seasonal marketing and sales statistics?

Take our holiday quiz and find out!

holiday quiz


Congratulations – you passed the quiz. Keep up that holiday spirit and that great marketing knowledge!

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#1 Focusing on retail specifically, ___ of marketers say their company starts prepping up for the holiday season in Q2.

#2 The average shopper purchased ___ gifts in 2018.

#3 Almost 9 billion data points were collected during Black Friday last year in the form of email signups and a host of other lead-generation tactics and roughly ____ billion emails were sent.

#4 Which week of November 2019 had the highest year-over year retail click growth on Bing?

#5 In most retail sectors, over ___ percent of annual spending takes place during the holiday season.

#6 What percent of web browsing during the 2018 holiday season was done on a mobile device?

#7 By the end of Cyber Monday 2019, U.S. consumers spent a record $ ____ billion online, according to Adobe Analytics.

#8 On Cyber Monday 2019, SMS and push notifications saw a big increase in volume, with over 40 million deployed. This is up ___ percent from 2018.

#9 Email was responsible for ___ percent of sales during the 2018 Thanksgiving holiday period.

#10 Adobe Analytics reported that ___ % of e-commerce site visits on Cyber Monday 2019 came from paid search ads.



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