Using Content Marketing to Connect to Your Audience

by Susan Mullin

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Content marketing is a powerful vehicle. It gives you a platform to not just advertise your products or services, but truly establish your brand. With content marketing, connecting with current and potential customers is easier than ever. While the larger focus of working in a DC communications job is generally providing your readers with value, you also need to make sure to bring a broader message to your audience.

Branding is a significantly more complex topic today than it was just a few years ago. Now, companies need to spread a stronger message regarding who they are and what they stand for. Else, they risk not connecting with customers. Social media loss may seem unimportant, but nearly 80 percent of online adults use some form of social media.

Establish Yourself as an Authority

Effective branding is about more than speaking to your target market. It’s about using your message to establish yourself as an authority in your arena. Without a clear message, customers may have a muddied interpretation of what the business stands for. What good is marketing to an audience that doesn’t understand your organization? It can lead to poorer outcomes.

If your vision is clearly shared with your audience, it can help support your credibility. It provides readers with insight into your priorities and broader goals. Such insight can result in a higher rate of conversion.

An Emotional Connection

If you accurately share your core message, it will make your company seem multidimensional. Two-dimensional approaches are harder for readers to connect with your content on an emotional level.

In most cases, an organization’s message speaks to the hopes that drive the business forward. This can make a company seem more tangible and relatable than if those details are missing. Usually, this involves defining “who” the organization is as well as its reason for existing. Generally, the message focuses on the inspiration that keeps the business moving forward. That can help establish a connection with the customer.


By focusing on a central message throughout your content marketing, you create a sense of cohesion almost by default. You have a core tenant that runs through every post you craft. That makes it easier for customers to understand your primary purpose and greater goals.

Without a guiding message, it’s easy for content to drift off on tangents or not support a central theme. By making the inclusion of your message a priority, you automatically have an established direction to guide your efforts, allowing them to work together with greater ease.

While taking your message to your audience through your content marketing does require some effort, the approach is practically guaranteed to provide more in return if you do.

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