The Perfect Email Subject Line Doesn’t Exist, But These Small Tweaks Can Increase Your Open Rate

by Gaby Gramont

gmail on laptop showing email subject line

There is no one way to craft an email subject line that will guarantee every recipient will open it. If there were, marketers would be out of a job. Open rates are critical because they are the first step in getting a click-through. They are one of the most important email marketing metrics. The subject line can make or break your open rate, so if you’re looking for ways to improve, try these subject line email marketing best practices.

Keep The Subject Line Short

If your subject line is more than 40 characters, people aren’t likely to open it. This is especially true now that most people get their email on a mobile device, where a long subject line will get cut off.  If you can master the art of brevity, you’ll get your message in front of more people.

Provide Your Offer Deadline

If the email is presenting a limited-time offer, include the deadline in the email subject line. This reinforces the idea that customers only have a short period of time to take advantage and they better check that email quickly.

Use A Call To Action

As a marketer, you understand the importance of a Call to Action. If you want someone to take action, you have to tell them what that action is in your email subject line. Instead of saying “Reserve Now,” try “Reserve Before Friday!”

Eliminate Spammy Language

Most email marketing systems have spam testers you can use to determine if your subject line is likely to get flagged. If your platform has it, use it. If it does not have a spam tester, try to avoid words like, “Congratulations,” “free,” “no obligation,” etc.

Use Emojis

It might seem cheesy, but try adding a smiley face or a thumbs-up to your subject line. You can split test different emojis to see what email subject line resonates best with your audience.

Be Honest About What’s Inside

Your customers might fall for a bait-and-switch email once, but know that you’ll likely damage your relationship with them and they may never open another email from you again. Instead, be transparent and honest about what the reader will find when they open it.

Make Customers Feel Special

Exclusivity can be a powerful tool. If people feel like they are getting insider information or a deal that’s not offered to everyone, they will be more likely to open the email. Try email subject lines like, “For our best customers only,” “An exclusive deal just for you,” or “Private invitation.”

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