Three Ways to Use Twitter to Join the Conversation Around You… Instead of Starting It

by Gaby Gramont

Joining the Conversation on Twitter | TorchLight

As of April 2018, there were an estimated 330 million Twitter users worldwide, and around 400 million tweets are sent out each day. This means that there are a substantial number of opportunities to connect with a variety of individuals.

In some cases, people rely on starting conversations as a means of facilitating a dialogue. However, joining one already in progress can be more effective, especially if you want to connect with individuals who don’t already follow you.

Many social media jobs in DC involve using both approaches, though many people are less familiar with the options for joining a conversation than starting one. If you want to take part in a discussion already in progress, here are three ways to do just that.

Look for a Scheduled Chat

There are a surprising number of scheduled talks on Twitter. Usually, these are coordinated by organizations or individuals and are focused on a particular topic. Additionally, they are typically associated with a single hashtag that contains the word “chat” and describes the nature of the discussion.

Some organizations host these chats on a regular basis, such as weekly or monthly, and encourage anyone to join.

In some cases, you can find out about chats in progress if the hashtag starts trending. You may also spot them in conversations in your feed or by reviewing posts from another user you stumbled across. Alternatively, you can try searching for the chats by using keywords about topics that interest you.

Reply to Tweets

One of the easiest ways to take part in a conversation is by replying to a tweet you find interesting. Every tweet has a reply icon that opens up a composer screen.

You can also view other people who are part of the conversation by tapping “Reply to” and displaying the list, which contains up to 50 users. This can let you see who else is taking part and decide if you want to reach out to them as well.

If someone replies or mentions you using your handle, you’ll get a notification. That way, you can keep the conversation going with ease.

Say Thank You

Another simple way to connect with others is to thank them whenever they retweet one of your posts, regardless of whether they add any additional comments. This can make it easy to start the discussion on a positive note.

Alternatively, you can view the posts of the person who retweeted you and see what they’ve been posting. If you find something of interest, return the favor with a retweet or a comment to help build a rapport.

Ultimately, getting involved in a conversation on Twitter is relatively easy, particularly if you take some time to find interesting tweets, follow people who post valuable information, and track down chats that happen on a regular schedule.

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