How to Land a Great D.C. Marketing Communications Job

by Susan Mullin

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It’s that time of year. While the weather still feels like summer, fall is just around the corner.  As summer winds down and vacations come to an end, it’s the perfect time for you to jump back into the job market. There are no right or wrong ways to conduct a job search, but there are things you can do to maximize your success. Consider taking these steps to land your next role.

Be Proactive

Do you ever hear people talk about how a great job opportunity just fell into their lap? We often think those offers are cases of incredible luck. More often than not, those unsought opportunities aren’t really happenstance, but the result of much hard work networking in the marketing and communications industry.

There is no such thing as a passive job search. In order to find your next role, you’ll need to dedicate serious time to your job search. Don’t make the mistake of waiting on the sidelines for an opportunity to present itself. Be proactive and make your search a priority. Set specific goals and targets and work toward them on a daily basis.

There is no single way to find a job, yet many job seekers focus on only one or two avenues when searching for a role. Job seekers often reach for the low-hanging fruit while ignoring the ripe harvest above that involves a little more effort. Utilize your current network, attend industry or alumni events, check job boards, maximize your LinkedIn presence (update your profile, make new connections, search for roles), and, of course, in our humble opinion, consider working with a top recruiting firm like Torchlight Hire.

And these are just to name a few. If you feel like you’ve completely exhausted your job search, it might be because you are only looking in one or two places – often just using online resources. Expanding your search – yes, this will probably involve stepping outside your comfort zone – will open up more opportunities.

Apply for the Right Positions

If you have submitted dozens of applications without receiving much interest, it may be time to evaluate the types of roles to which you are applying. Carefully read job descriptions and assess your current skillset. You can avoid frustration by simply being honest about your qualifications, experience level, and salary requirements – all of which may need to be reevaluated if you keep coming up void.

Sweat the Small Stuff

Job searching is all in the details. You may have started your search with vigor, but attention to detail often wanes as time goes on. Is your resume error-free? Have you updated your cover letter to reflect the specific role you are applying for? Are your email communications clear and concise? Every little detail matters when applying for a role.

We all know this in theory, yet applications are often full of mistakes. Before hitting the send button, take some extra time to make sure you have read the submission requirements, attached the right documents, removed typos, etc. Read and then re-read everything. In a competitive market like D.C., even the tiniest details matter. Don’t take yourself out of the running over a small mistake.

Keep Going

Let’s face it, searching for a job can be discouraging. Don’t let the disappointment of receiving a “no” dishearten you. Most people – from high-powered executives to entry-level workers – have stories about rejection. A lot of factors must fall into place before an offer is made – some of which may be entirely out of your control. Becoming bitter over lost opportunities and losing your enthusiasm will start to show as you apply and interview for other positions. It’s important to learn from each opportunity while putting the disappointments behind you and moving forward with sustained confidence.

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