Why Marketing Directors Need to Start Investing More Time (and Money) Into Analytics

by Susan Mullin

There are myriad analytics options available to marketing professionals, and given the vastness of the landscape, it’s easy to become paralyzed by a sea of information. As a result, many marketers may default to just one tool or method. While focusing in on a single tool may seem like a time-saver, it actually hinders growth over time, because even comprehensive tools have limitations.

Integrated analytics approach

An integrated approach using several key platforms can actually save time and money across the board. Consider the built-in analytics capabilities of Google, Facebook and Twitter, for example. Each platform has invested a great deal in providing businesses with comprehensive analytics designed specifically for each outlet.

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By spending time on each platform, marketers can see what types of content are resonating with each unique audience. You may, for example, determine videos provide the highest engagement on Facebook, but fall flat on your company blog. Those engaging o your social platforms are more active than website visitors. They are either established customers or are deep in the buying process. Therefore, you can adjust the messaging on each platform accordingly. When you know what’s working on each platform, you can reallocate resources and energy to match the audience you’re speaking to, generating the best return across the board.

Real-time monitoring

In addition to focusing on one analytics platform over another, many marketers also make the mistake of taking a “Set it and forget it” approach. They may check in at the end of each month to see how things are going, but user behavior is dynamic. There was a time when marketers had to wait months to get reports from the sales department to see the results and impact of their initiatives, but with advanced analytics, marketers can see how campaigns and A/B tests are doing in real-time.

Industry trends

Spending time in analytics platforms regularly creates agility that didn’t exist even ten years ago. Marketing teams can stop investing in a failing campaign before too much time and money is wasted, or they can make small tweaks along the way to improve engagement and response. Of course, this requires walking a fine line. Though no one wants to waste resources on a bad campaign, it’s critical not to make changes too early, before efforts have time to gain traction. Googla Analytics report data helps determine how long it typically takes for a campaign to take flight or crash and burn. These valuable insights are unique to GA. You can’t find them anywhere else.

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